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Home Bar Essentials for the Cocktail Connoisseur

If you prefer to enjoy a cocktail just the way you like it and in the comfort of your home, a fully stocked and stylish bar cart is a no-brainer. Allowing you to hone your craft as a novice, or expert, mixologist, a proper home bar with all the trimmings grants you the ability to whip up new and classic cocktails whenever you please. And of course, a sophisticated and fully-equipped home bar in your at-home entertaining arsenal will always come in handy at dinner parties and special occasions. From muddlers to tonic waters, these are the tools, glassware, mixers and liquors you’ll need to assemble an enviable at home bar.

A bar tool set

From Mojitos to Bloody Marys, every budding bartender needs a bar tool set to properly measure, muddle and mix. This set from Pottery Barn ticks all the boxes, coming equipped with a jigger, strainer, bar spoon, muddler and practical yet stylish stand to hold it all on. For simpler concoctions, an elegant mixing glass set with a bar spoon and strainer like this one from Ralph Lauren Home will do the job just fine.

A cocktail shaker

Of course, if you prefer your cocktails shaken you’ll need a handy cocktail shaker. Besides, a home bar isn’t complete without one. While both a glass-on-tin shaker, a two-tin or ‘Boston’-shaker will do the job. This Boston Shaker Set is great for more experienced cocktail makers looking to efficiently serve up concoctions for guests.

For beginners, professional bartenders often recommend a Cobbler shaker for its easy assembly and built in strainer. If you’re looking to really treat yourself, this chic Art Deco inspired shaker from Georg Jensen makes for a glamorous bar cart essential.

A bar cart

Acting as an aesthetically-pleasing way to showcase your cocktail-making collection as well as a practical way to house your essentials and wheel out your concoctions, a bar cart is another home bar staple. Often drawing inspiration from the opulent and geometric aesthetic of the Art Deco movement, a bar cart like this Brooklyn Drinks Trolley from Attica House is a stylish way to store your bar essentials. And if mirrored shelves and gold finishes aren’t your style, this curved black and rattan bar cart from James Said is a good option too.


Although a good cocktail certainly comes down to high quality ingredients and good technique, the presentation of your Daquiri or Martini is pretty important. To ensure you have all the glassware essentials, you’ll need to have a collins or highball glass set, martini glasses, beer glasses, both red and white wine glasses, champagne flutes and some high quality whiskey glasses.

If you’re looking for a stylish rendition of the versatile highball glass, you can’t go past a tall tumbler glass like this one from Mr. Consistent. And if you’re a martini lover, a monogrammed martini glass set like this one from Mon Verre is a chic and personal addition to any home bar.

Ice moulds

The last thing anyone wants in their cocktail is small cubes of ice which will inevitably melt and dilute your drink. Fortunately, there is a range of large ice cube moulds that look a lot more sophisticated and will keep your drink cooler for longer. However, in terms of saving your good glass of whiskey or cocktail from being diluted, reusable ice cubes are a great addition to any at home bar.

Staple spirits

Of course the spirits you keep on hand will be selected based on your top picks and the cocktails you tend to make, but if you’re looking to cover the basics, a bottle of vodka, gin, whiskey, rum and tequila is a good place to start.

Staple mixers

While different cocktail recipes will call for a wide range of mixers, garnishes and other ingredients, getting the basics right is a good place to start. The basics in question tend to be tonic water, sugar syrup, bitters and ginger ale. Mixing well with a range of spirits, tonic water is a cocktail making staple, and in terms of exploring the range of flavoured tonic waters available, you can’t go wrong with this variety pack from Fever Tree.

Cocktail Garnishes

Presentation is key. Making a good cocktail is half the job – and ensuring the cocktail looks just as tasty is another. Impress your guests with only the best selection of cocktail garnishes. Dried fruit garnish, cocktail florals and maschino glazed cherries are a must in the cabinet to complete any good cocktail.

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Image: Sandhurst Cherry Red Maraschino Stem | Price: A$20.50

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