Fendi Casa adds its signature innovative style to any home | Source: Fendi Casa

Craft Meets High-End Design: Hotel Style Furniture For your Home

How you design your home transforms the spirit and vitality of your space so – it’s no wonder people are investing more time and money into their property. According to Ibis World research, the Australian furniture market is estimated to be worth over $10bn. And while a regular decor update does a job, it’s opulent furniture that makes a real statement in a home.

The best luxury furniture is concerned with craftsmanship, style, creativity and innovation. From classic, modern and exclusive designs to materials like wood, marble and fabrics, the best luxury furniture brands provide opulence, comfort and style. Here’s a look at the very best luxury furniture brands revolutionising the home design industry.

Boca do Lobo

The luxury furniture brand is known for its exquisitely made furniture that utilises high-quality materials and textures. Its exclusively extravagant and classic shapes are hand-made in Portugal by a team of world-leading designers. Its range features delicate and sophisticated pieces including everything from sofas, tables and chairs to luxury lighting, mirrors and even safes.


Trend-setting style meets rich history. Henredon, founded in 1945, creates an innovative style of home decor with high-grade materials and chic collaborations. The luxury furniture brand specialises in beautiful wood furniture, elaborate upholstery designs and fine furnishings for every room. The timeless style appreciates the past but with a vision for the future.


The Italian luxury furniture brand combines modern technology with traditional artistic design. Its sophisticated pieces are uniquely crafted for a variety of styles and environments. Comfort, elegance and performance is the company’s motto – a sentiment that is reflected in its exclusive and timeless sofas, chairs and other high-quality products.

Restoration Hardware

Unique and refined, the large American luxury furniture company brings an air of authenticity to any home decor. Its originally designed pieces are made with quality raw materials and put together with the highest level of craftsmanship. A quality range of classic furniture, antiques, contemporary lighting and lavish textiles is enough to turn any space into something special.

Bentley Home

A name synonymous with luxury cars, Bentley’s high-end furniture brand, Bentley Homes launched in 2013. Celebrating the distinctive lines and signature curves its cars are known for, its interior design is defined by precious and modern materials and cutting-edge craftsmanship. From bedroom and lounge furniture to exquisite accessories, every luxury piece is crafted in Italy by highly skilled artisans.

Fendi Casa

Fendi Casa adds its signature innovative style to any home. Its timeless details and contemporary furniture creates an elegant and inviting ambience. Fashion and interior design are effortlessly married in a range of glamorous and cosmopolitan designs that are both modern yet classic.


Natural materials such as wood, marble, fabrics and leather, dominate the luxury brands creative collections. For 40 years Capital has been crafting the finest Italian furniture with flawless attention to detail. Its contemporary range spans all corners of the house with exquisitely designed pieces across wardrobes, sofas, armchairs, desks and cabinets.

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