How to Choose the Perfect Cocktail Ring

This is the first rule of wearing a cocktail ring. Go big or go home. The second rule is you should talk about it and compliment it. Here are some beautiful cocktail rings that are perfect for well, any occasion you can think of.

David Yurman

With a Hampton blue topaz faceted gemstone, this David Yurman ring is sure to turn heads. It’s like bottling up the colour of the deep blue sea in a gemstone. It’s 18-karat yellow gold, with diamonds scattered enveloping the gemstone, like a prey.

Photo: David Yurman

Sylvia Toledano Grande Ovale Stone Ring

This pink and gold combination is slowly becoming a staple in any wardrobe. Add a huge rhodochrosite stone in a pink hue, not to mention it’s gold-plating and you have a winner.

Photo: Sylvia Toledano

Alberto Milani 18k Tubogas Small Diamond Band Ring

You might say it’s a band ring, but not when it’s designed by Italian jeweller Alberto Milani. With a 0.90 total diamond carat weight, this is by no means a simple ring. Its design is what will draw people to take a breath and pause.

Photo: Alberto Milani

State Property Green Tourmaline & Enamel Signet Ring

Yes, we’re getting Egyptian vibes here. But why not be adorned like Cleopatra was with this Battuta signet ring? Diamonds, yellow gold, green tourmaline, and black enamel, what more could a lady want?

Photo: State Property

Elizabeth Gage Grey Moonstone with Crimson Enamel Ring

A Templar ring might not be what you expected as a perfect cocktail ring, but the crimson colour and the moonstone cabochon makes it pop out in any party. Match it with a crimson handbag and heels and you’re good to go.

Photo: Elizabeth Gage

Boghossian Jewels Kissing Ring

It always starts with a kiss, doesn’t it? And this Boghossian Kissing Collection tells the tale of two gems joined together and the relationship it forms with each other. This perfect cocktail ring is made of a Paraiba tourmaline kissing a diamond on top of it. Grab this one right away, rumours are tourmaline sources are dwindling in Brazil.

Photo: Boghossian Jewels

Annoushka Touch Wood 18ct Gold 2.16 ct Diamond Ring

Sure, this is Annoushka’s most expensive cocktail ring, just check out its high polish and black rhodium finish. But if you’re not wearing an 18-carat gold with 300 stones in it, are you showing off properly? Not to mention there are only 24 of this ring in the whole world, you will find yourself in a group of elites.

Photo: Annoushka

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