How To Clean a Chanel Bag

Caring for your Chanel handbag properly will ensure that your bag looks its best and retains its value if you ever wish to resell. However, all Chanel bags have slightly different care requirements. Whether you have a lambskin, caviar, canvas or tweed, this is your guide to keeping your Chanel handbag in sparkling condition.

Caring for Chanel leather bag: lambskin, calfskin, chèvre, deerskin, caviar

While Chanel leathers do vary in their delicacy and durability, a soft and dry microfibre cloth can be used to clean any day to day dirt and imperfections from all Chanel leather handbags. Give your bag a quick wipe when you see any superficial dirt or imperfections arise. While a regular wipe with this cloth should prevent any marks from setting into the leather, rubbing in a circular motion should get rid of any stubborn marks.

Being extremely delicate, lambskin leather should be treated as little as possible to preserve the bag’s natural suppleness and softness. For more durable leathers, such as caviar, you can use a leather conditioner on the bag every few months. Simply rub the conditioner onto the bag’s leather with a microfibre cloth and let it sit for half an hour to absorb. After half an hour, gently remove any residue with a clean and dry microfibre cloth.

Make sure that you use an uncoloured and high-quality leather conditioner, and avoid any conditioners with solvents, oils or waxes. It’s also good to remember not to wipe your leather bag with water.

Once you have cared for the leather, you can use a dry microfibre cloth to gently polish the bag’s hardware.

Caring for Chanel fabric bag: canvas, velvet, silk brocade, tweed, denim

If you own a fabric bag such as the Chanel Deauville Canvas Tote or Velvet Chanel Boy then the cleaning process is slightly different. With a fabric bag, you should always use a gentle textile roller or brush for regular upkeep. If the bag does have marks then you might consider getting it professionally cleaned.

Chanel fabric bags should always be kept away from water, perfume and oils, and avoid being rubbed against any dark materials.

Caring for other Chanel materials: wicker, shearling, embroidery, embellished, exotic skins

If you’re the owner of a special edition, runway or exotic skin Chanel bag then you need to take extra care when cleaning. Like leather bags, you can clean with a dry microfibre cloth as needed. For wicker and shearling materials, you should always manually remove or very carefully brush off any remaining dirt or impurities.

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