How to Holiday In the Caribbean Sea

Most tourists around the world have Cuba on their list of countries they wish to visit and there’s a reason behind it. The alligator-shaped island is the largest Caribbean nation and is famous for beautiful beaches, rich music, cultural heritage, rum and cigars, coral reefs and beautiful mountains scapes. A holiday in Cuba is enjoyed with some of the best tourist attractions, cafes and great cuisines. Some of the best ways to enjoy your stay in Cuba combine:

Café Arcangel

You can start your day by having a great breakfast in this café. It’s known for serving some of the best breakfasts in Havana, alongside a cozy and comfortable atmosphere ideal for a couple. If you wish to have a great view of bustling life as you sip your coffee, you might opt for Café El Escorial, either way, you’re sure to have a great time.

Photo: Café Arcangel

Playa Ancon

This is a perfect blend of history and beauty. This beach is always bustling with life and the beautiful palm trees dotted around just makes the scenery a perfect one. Scuba divers can also enjoy beautiful and colourful coral reefs on this beach. Playa Pilar might be your preferred option if you’re looking for solitude and the sea. It’s com and beautiful.

Photo: Playa Ancon, Cuba

Feed Your Eyes

Cuba is a country with rich cultural heritage and definitely without a shortage of tourist attractions. From the ancient city of Trinidad to the modern city of Havana, it’s a fascinating experience. Spend some time visiting some the world UNESCO sites renowned for their rich colonial history. Are you a music lover? Visit Santiago de Cuba. It’s credited with being the most musical city in all of Cuba, and there’s no visiting Cuba without enjoying her rich music and dance.

Photo: Cathedral de Nuestra Senora de la Asuncion in Santiago de Cuba

La Guarida

The fact that this eatery has been going strong for 75 years surely means they’ve been doing something right. The menu contains some signature Cuban cuisines like papaya lasagna, chocolate fondant and suckling pig. You haven’t visited Cuba if you haven’t had these meals. Plus, they taste great at La Guarida. Seated at the top of a high-rise building, the view at La Guarida also makes it worthwhile. Otramanera and El Cocinero are two other places you can have a memorable lunch in Havana, Cuba.

Photo: La Guarida, Cuba

Museum of the Revolution

This is one of the most visited Museums in Cuba. It was made to display Cuba’s struggle against Batista’s dictatorship in the 1950s. It’s rich in history and documents Cuba’s battle. Torture gears, weapons, vehicles and planes that depicts how cruel the dictatorship was. Besides the outdoor collection, there is also an outdoor exhibition.

Photo: Entrance into The mUseum of Revolution, Cuba

Paradisus Princesa del Mar

A true and rare beauty in Cuba. It’s an all-inclusive resort in Varadero with beautiful beaches. It has over 798 elegant and beautifully-furnished rooms. The views from each of the rooms are one to dream of. This is up there with one of the best hotels in Cuba, with seven restaurants to choose from, tennis courts, live music with great rum and cigar to spice up the resort’s appeal. However, this is an adult-only hotel. Paradise Varadero Resort and Spa may be a great option for families.

Photo: Paradisus Princesa del Mar Hotel

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