How to Use Bright Colours in Your Home

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Everyone seems to cling onto the concept of sticking to ‘safe and muted’ neutrals when choosing a colour for the walls. And you’re bored of that? You want to break out and explore new, bold, bright, and beautiful colours? Whether you wish to make some changes to your home or workplace interior, we’ve got you covered. 

Bright colours like green and yellow are known to lift and lighten the mood, and even boost creativity. Yellow is the brightest colour when viewed under visible light, which you’re most likely using right now. So why not? We’ve got some tips to help you rock, and work with the brightest of bright colours: Yellow.

Take small steps:

All good things start small. Maybe a little, brightly designed artworks on the wall are the way to go. That way, you can absorb the good compliments you get from friends on this first occasion and ride on them to build your confidence for the next big thing.


Say no to black and beige:

It is easier to stick to a safe set of colours, but when you’re out shopping next, try and buy a bit of colour to liven up your decor. Get that emerald green table for your home library. As Carl Jung once said, “Colors express the main psychic functions of a man.” Give your house a warm, beautiful look with bright colours. Hey! Paint your hallway yellow. Get that neon yellow duvet, and give your home that sunny warmth. You’ll be glad you did.

Photo: Design Furniture

It’s all about proportion:

Well, in your quest for the bright colour you probably don’t want to overdo things. Get the appropriate colour on each time. If it has to do with interiors and you’re having a hard time, you might want to get professionals. One tip though, yellow and grey is a no-fail combo. Somehow, colours are easier to judge from photos than the mirror. Just imagine you’re seeing it on Instagram, or an online showroom, would you have loved it? Answer and act accordingly. But, hey! Don’t box yourself up, you have more freedom with colours than you’re probably thinking.

Photo: Trend Cora

Mix Complementary Colours:

Colours that appear opposite on the colour wheel trend, complement each other exceptionally well. Yes! They complement each other. Try them and you would be surprised about the results. Teal blue with a splash of coral – who would have thought? Use the colour wheel. You have a colour in mind, and confused about what will match well with it? The colour wheel is your buddy.

Photo: Elle Decor

Stick to your decision:

Confident: Doubt and glam don’t work together. Get confident about your house colours. Besides improving the aesthetic appeal of your home, bright colours can be therapeutic and can help make you lead a happier, more productive life. So why not explore and boost your confidence? Confident enough to paint your hallway with bright and beautiful colours like yellow. Bright colours are magical, go for them! And when in doubt… Don’t be. Because you only live once. 

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