Mediterranean garden style is inspired by the sun-drenched shores of Europe and is a perfect choice for Australia's warm climate | Source: Singing Gardens

How to Inject Mediterranean-Style Sophistication into Your Garden

Fragrant, wild and primed for outdoor entertaining, Mediterranean style landscaping has long been a source of inspiration for home gardens across the globe. Perfect for those living in warm and dry climates, a Mediterranean inspired garden ticks all the boxes in terms of practicality, versatility and, of course, aesthetics.

If you’re looking to inject some rich colours and textures into your outdoor space, here are some simple ways you can capture the romanticism and vibrancy of Mediterranean landscaping.

Touches of Terracotta and Tiles

In terms of paving, terracotta and decorative patterned tiles are one sure way of adding some Mediterranean inspired warmth and vibrancy into your outdoor space. Whether that’s through your choice of paving or even your choice of pots and outdoor furniture.

Opting for gravel over expansive lawn areas is another typically Mediterranean landscaping choice that saves on water and is conveniently low maintenance.

Nina Dobrev's garden at her Hollywood home
Nina Dobrev’s garden at her Hollywood home | Source: Ye Rin Mok for Architectural Digest

A Shaded Pergola

Ideal for warmer climates, a shaded pergola lends itself to blissful afternoons spent with family and friends or solitary relaxation on a balmy evening. If you want to achieve a true Tuscan inspired outdoor sitting area, a pergola like this one in Vanessa Hudgen’s home is perfect for climbing plants and vinery. Fragrant jasmine or beautiful wisteria are both great perfumed options that will bring flowers in the spring.

Courtyard in Vanessa Hudgen's Los Feliz home
Courtyard in Vanessa Hudgen’s Los Feliz home | Source: Jenna Peffley for Architectural Digest

Mediterranean Foliage

Well maintained hedges are another predominant feature of Mediterranean gardens. Creating sculptural interest and subtly defining areas of your garden, Italian Cypress is a prime choice for adding a vertical dimension to your garden.

As for the ground cover, drought-resistant plants like succulents, lavender and rosemary are sure to add some Mediterranean vibrance to your garden and will thrive under plenty of sunshine. If you’re looking for bright bursts of colour, you can’t go wrong with bougainvillea.

Lionel Richie's stately garden at his home in Beverly Hills
Lionel Richie’s stately garden at his home in Beverly Hills | Source: Mary E. Nichols for Architectural Digest

Create Your Own Orchard

With countries like France, Italy, Spain and Greece known for their culinary offerings and focus on fresh produce, creating your own orchard is another sure way of authentically recreating a Mediterranean garden in your own backyard. From fragrant herbs to citrus trees, setting up your own little orchard is guaranteed to add charm and bring some delicious scents into your garden.

Mediterranean style garden with fruit trees
Mediterranean style garden with fruit trees | Source: Pinterest

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