How to Make Five Classic Italian Spritz Cocktails

Originating in northern Italy, the Aperol Spritz is one of the most iconic and popular cocktails in the world. While traditionally, the cocktail is enjoyed as an aperitivo or pre-dinner drink, many of us will enjoy an Aperol Spritz any time of the evening. While the Aperol Spritz is undoubtedly the most popular of the spritzers, there are many other variations of the drink that you can make. All made with a mix of liquor, Prosecco and sparkling water, this is your guide to making five of the greatest classic spritz cocktails.

Aperol Spritz

Also known as a Spritz Veneziano, the Aperol Spritz is made with the bitter Aperol apéritif. To make an Aperol Spritz, simply pour three parts prosseco, two parts Aperol and one part soda water into a glass filled with ice. If you prefer a stronger drink then you can also adjust the Aperol quantity to equal that of Prosecco. Finally, garnish your drink with a slice of orange.

Campari Spritz

The bitter cousin of the Aperol Spritz, the Campari Spritz is a much drier drink. The cocktail is made using the same formula as an Aperol Spritz by simply exchanging the Aperol liquor for Campari liquor. Simply pour three parts Prosseco, two parts Campari and one part soda water into a glass with ice and garnish with an orange slice.


Limoncello Spritz

Limoncello is another classic Italian liquor with a strong citrus flavour that pairs perfectly with the Prosseco and soda water to create a refreshing summer drink. To make a Limoncello Spritz, measure three parts Prosseco, two parts Limoncello and one part soda, and mix together in a glass with ice. A Limoncello Spritz is best garnished with a lemon slice, sprig of thyme or a few basil leaves.

Cynar spritz

One of the most acquired liquor tastes, Cynar is a dark, bitter liquor made from artichokes. Considered to be both an ‘aperitivo’ (aperitif) and a ‘digestivo’ (digestive), the drink is extremely popular in Italy and seems to be gaining popularity outside of the country as well. To make a Cynar Spritz, pour three parts prosseco, two parts Cynar and one part soda water into a glass filled with ice. Once you have gently mixed the drink, you can garnish it with an orange slice, berries, and a few mint leaves.

Rosè Spritz

This fun twist on the classic Aperol Spritz swaps out regular Prosseco for a sparkling Rosè to create a sweeter and lighter drink. To make a Rosè spritz, pour three parts sparkling Rosè, two parts Aperol and one part soda water into an ice filled glass and garnish with berries or a slice of grapefruit.

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