The Foiler 2020 will set you back at least $1 million. Photo: Foiler.

Want to Spend like the Super Rich? Buy A Flying Superyacht

With a starting price tag of about $1 million— The Foiler 2020— is the latest model in the Foiling line of day-boat cruisers from UAE-based Enata Marine, which derives its foiling technology from aerospace designs of parent company Enata Industries.

Known as “the flying yacht” and built almost entirely of carbon fibre, this fancy superyacht is so lightweight it can reach speeds of up to 28 knots when cruising on the hull (in displacement mode) under power 740 hp of twin custom-built V8 diesel engines.

“The hydro-foiling system enables the boat to fly 1.5 metres above the water, providing an unmatched experience where speed and reactivity are the centrepieces.”

With the hydrofoils engaged, the boat lifts roughly 5 feet off the water and reaches speeds of 40 knots.

Using four hydrofoils, like wings in the water, the Foiler is the world’s first flying yacht. These lift the Foiler 1.5 metres above the waves as soon as it reaches a speed of 18 knots, with an effortless and progressive take-off and landing. Delivering such a smooth and quiet passenger experience, the rolling and slamming of conventionally designed yachts will feel outmoded in comparison.

With such stability, the Foiler can handle waves up to 1.5m in foiling mode, while still providing complete comfort. Waves of 1.5m represent conditions of 30 to 35 knots of wind. In more extreme conditions, you can retract the foils and use them as a classic boat.

The Royale Cabin adds a seating area at the bow to previous layouts and also includes a sofa at the stern, plus a fridge, mini bar, and bathroom for ultimate luxury. Like all high-end luxury yachts, the Foiler is fully customisable.

There are three basic layouts available, but the customization options are limitless.

Not surprisingly, the Foiler has been designed to fit into a superyacht tender garage, so that owners can use it as a high-speed limousine tender in addition to its duties as the ultimate day boat.

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