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Indoor Marine Magic: The Best Aquariums in Sydney

Luxury home aquariums have a certain allure about them. It’s magic that makes most people stop, stare and ponder what life may be like in the marine world. The attraction is difficult to recreate anywhere other than an aquarium. It’s why the rise in luxury home aquatic spaces is so understandable. People are searching for that small piece of the wider marine world that will become their showstopper in any room. If you’re located in Sydney and are looking for your ocean oasis; these are the best aquariums in Sydney.

Aquarium Architect

As leading experts in custom fish tanks, Aquarium Architect is known as one of the best luxury aquarium builders in Sydney. From design to installation, their experience and knowledge ensures your next aquatic space is built exactly how you envision it. Utilising the latest technology and innovative engineering design, you’re guaranteed a luxury tank that is functional and aesthetically sound. Starting with your home space, the team uses its understanding of space, light and design bring your project to life. Peruse their showrooms and explore their previous projects. Aside from building, the at Aquarium Architect also offer a brilliant variety of freshwater and saltwater fish, sea plants and hardscapes as well.

Aquarium World

Aquarium World has been looking after its customers for over 40 years. Whether you’re a true aquatic enthusiast or a first time fish owner, this Manly aquarium will help you with any aquarium endeavour. Its experienced team cater to all aquatic needs from fish tanks, food, water quality, accessories and fish care products.

You have an extensive range to ponder over including; marine fish, coral, tropical salt water species and an extensive plant range. If you’re preparing to create your at-home aquarium, then Aquarium World build custom fish tanks and provide information and equipment to start growing your own underwater world. For a manly aquarium you can trust, Aquarium World will look after your aquatic needs.

Hurstville Aquarium

Hurstville Aquarium is one of the best spots in Sydney to sort all your aquatic needs at once. Specialising in aquariums, their highly trained staff are all enthusiasts so you get the best advice when setting up your own. Whether you’re looking for a marine reef tank or an aquascaped planted tank, Hurstville Aquarium in Sydney provides advice and a wide variety of products. Their stock includes both freshwater and saltwater products, aquariums, livestock, decorations, equipment; everything to get your started or to evolve your aquarium. Either as a passion or a hobby, these specialists give you the best solutions so you’re in safe hands.

If you’re located in Melbourne and looking for anything aquatic, have a read of The Best Aquariums in Melbourne.

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