Inside Europe's Leading Caviar Farm

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The Agroittica Lombarda Group is the leader of caviar production, currently responsible for 50% off the world’s caviar supply – and, it’s a serious business.

The Agroittica Lombarda Group annually produces 28 tonnes off the delicacy, with its most expensive caviar, the Beluga – ranging from $5,700 per kg. Thats almost as costly as truffles. Just like aged wine or whisky, caviar takes time to produce.

This luxurious delicacy is farmed from sturgeons, and it takes about 8 to 20 years for these to produce the roe (eggs) which is essentially the caviar. Beluga, which is the top shelf of Agroittica’s caviar, takes at least 20 years to mature.

Photo: Calvisius

In the 15th to 19th century, caviar was mostly prepared for nobility and popes in Italy. And it still somehow holds today. Agroiitica’s clients are airlines (for their first-class passengers), luxury hotels, local and international restaurants, and of course, the biggest consumers of caviar – the Russians.

Not Your Ordinary Caviar Farm

According to World Wide Fund for Nature, 85% of wild sturgeons are at the brink of extinction, which is why Agroittica uses sustainable, aquaculture in its sturgeon farms. Agroittica even received approval from the Friend of the Sea. The business has a sustainable model which recycles thermal energy and water. Agroittica recycles the environment built for its sturgeons, which then recreates its natural habitat.

Photo: Calvisius

Calvisius Brand

Calvisius is one of the Agroittica brands and they offer caviar (of course) smoked fish, caviar accessories and gift boxes. The Calvisius brand has a list of restaurants serving its caviar in Italy (Il San Pietrino, Aldrovandi Villa Borghese, La Pergola at Hilton, to name a few and Il San Lorenzo Ristorante is its official ambassador.

Photo: Calvisius

Caviar Benefits

With its hefty price tag, some would say that it’s only for the affluent and influential. But believe it or not, it’s not as expensive as it was before. In 2015, a kilo of beluga caviar costs around $15,000. In 2019, the price of caviar dropped down to $5,300. A delicacy, only some – still have to splurge on.

There is no doubt caviar offers health benefits. It’s rich in selenium, potassium, major omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B12 and a great source of antioxidants. All aiding to helping reduce blood pressure, and aids in muscle development. Yes, it might be hard to imagine but all these are packed in that tiny jar of caviar.

Photo: Calvisius

Caviar Dishes

While it’s true that caviar is best enjoyed on its own, preferably on an equally luxurious spoon, there are several dishes that go with it. Pasta, roasted potatoes, chips, scrambled eggs to name a few. But if you are opting for decadence, then look no more.

Photo: Calvisius

Calvisius shares some opulent caviar dishes that one should not leave this life without tasting. Chef Stefano Cerveni of Due Colombe highly recommends Lentil cream, soft calamari, and caviar, chef Stefano Baiocco offers Spaghetto Alla Chitarra served cold in his restaurant in Grand Hotel a Villa Feltrinelli, and Flakes of Caviar in a Seastorm is served by Chef Domenico Silvestri of Sala Ricevimenti Parco Domingo.

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