Inside The Chic Mind of Pierre Yovanovitch

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What started as a venture in menswear under Pierre Cardin, was transformed into interior design and furniture when Yovanovitch started his atelier in Paris (2001).

His OOPS collection put him permanently on the map, with his iconic Mama Bear, Baby Bear, and Papa Bear chairs. These chairs, along with 24 custom designs, were displayed Tribeca for his first show in the US in 2017. Conquering the world of interior design and furniture creation from then on, Yovanovitch embarked on the next level of his career – designing 9 penthouses for the XI.

The XI, West Chelsea

To say that you live in New York is already a statement on its own, but to add that it’s in The XI – well, you’d probably be neighbours with Jeff Bezos or Oprah Winfrey if you haven’t bumped into Jay-Z or Beyonce yet. With only 20 units left and all the penthouses sold, this place sold like hotcakes. What makes it so special?

Photo: The OOPS collection, by Pierr Yovanovitch

The XI Residences is composed of two tower blocks, one is N°I and the other is N°X. Each tower is designed by different visionaries, Gilles & Boisser for N°X interior design including the penthouses, Gabellini Sheppard for N°I interior design, and Pierre Yovanovitch for the penthouses. Not to mention it will also house the first Six Senses Spa & Hotel in the US. But aside from the starstudded designers, it’s the tower blocks that will catch your attention, first.

Photo: The XI Residences

The intricate design of the two towers seems as if they’re dancing together in harmony. One twists to one side while the other complements it by leaning forward. Seen from all different angles, one cannot deny Bjarke Ingels Group’s vision upfront.

“We want to give the world something that it has not yet seen – and therefore it doesn’t fit into any boxes.”

Pierre Yovanovitch’s Vision

Cultured Magazine describes Yovanovitch’s design aesthetic as, “…the ability to create a sense of wonder using the vocabulary of the familiar and the personal.” And this is exactly what we saw in the way he designed and decorated the penthouses. All of the nine penthouses have a 360-degree view of Manhattan, from the Hudson River to the Statue of Liberty. To someone who hasn’t been living in New York, this may seem surreal. Yovanovitch tries to bring in outside elements, inside. Making the space surreal, but personal.

Photo: The XI Residences

Yovanovitch utilised elements like as wood, metal, granite, and marble to build a warm, natural aesthetic not to mention – it complements the building’s bronze and travertine facade. But for the 11,300square-foot penthouse, he put it up a notch. Incorporating grey marble, Japanese sen millwork and bronze in the kitchen, he also used a single block of marble for the soaking tub in the master’s bedroom.

A highlight of the property, though it seems to be the 360-degree view of Manhattan, is an indoor and outdoor infinity pool. Adorned with green and gold leaf mosaic tiles, it opens up to the wraparound terrace. It does not get better than that.

Photo: The XI Residences

Yovanovitch made sure that, albeit his material palette is natural, there are pops of colour everywhere. His inspiration comes from the sunlight directed towards the penthouses, hence the creation of bright colours for his furniture choices. One example is the ceramic coffee table that is in china red with some hints of yellow.

Yovanovitch justifies the colour pops saying, ” In the end, it’s a warm family house, which you should enjoy. Another thing that will catch your eyes will be the pair of curved sofas to maximize the space, “I wanted to make happy things with the furniture, to be luxurious but in the same way to be funny, not to be too serious.” He adds, “Some shapes of the furniture are also twists of the shape on the building. It’s a reflection of the outside inside, but in an easy way.”

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