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Interior Design: Five Interior Trends to Transform Your Bedroom

In 2021, creating a calm, comfortable and radiant bedroom supersedes impractical interior styling trends. Transforming the bedroom into a sanctuary has become a priority and it seems our styling choices are being driven more by sentiment and feeling than anything else. If your bedroom is in need of an update, make your bedroom a tranquil haven with these five interior trends.


Although indoor plants have sprouted into all interior spaces, 2021 has seen more foliage in the bedroom. From small bedside table succulents to larger statement plants like the ever-popular fiddle-leaf, green seems to be a refreshing bedroom trend that is here to stay.

Statement headboards

If you love interior styling inspiration, then chances are you’ve seen these lush velvet headboards throughout your feed recently. With a stronger focus on transforming the bedroom into a calming sanctuary, statement headboards have become a prominent bedroom trend. While these velvet clam-style headboards are perfect to inject some Hollywood glamour into your space, rattan headboards are a must for those looking to curate a more boho, beachy interior style.

Sage green

From bedding to feature walls, one of the most dominant bedroom styling trends of not just 2021, but of the last couple of years, is sage green. Tying in perfectly with all those indoor plants people seem to be hoarding in their rooms, sage green accents are a great way of creating some calm in your bedroom.

Wall sconces

Despite what some may say about wall sconces being too hotel-like, replacing bedside lamps with brassy wall lighting is a growing trend in the interior styling world. Helping to maximise the illusion of space around your bed, wall sconces are a fun and luxurious way to play with lighting in the bedroom.

Gallery walls and in-built shelving

Eclectic interior styling continues to find its way into bedrooms through gallery walls and in-built shelving. With a focus on showcasing artwork and memories, gallery walls are one way of accentuating the height of your bedroom while creating visual interest to an otherwise plain wall. In-built shelving above the bed has also become a trendy feature of bedrooms in 2021 – functioning as both a space to keep your bedside essentials and to showcase your favourite books, photos and knick-knacks.

In need of some more interior styling inspiration? Find out about some of the latest trends to bring into your space here.

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