Andre Jones and Richard Wise have a 700-gallon tank suspended from the ceiling of their West Village town house apartment. Credit...Trevor Tondro for The New York Times

Interior Design: Novelty Aquariums As Part of Home Decor

Custom aquariums are popular for two reasons. One is that upscale nightclubs, restaurants and boutique hotels have been installing them, which gives homeowners the me-too idea. Another is that, among people of means, a dazzling aquarium is one of the last surefire ways to impress their peers.

So, if you are on the lookout for a stand-out, aquarium for your home and are based in Perth, here are the top places to ensure your custom aquarium turns out exactly how you want it.

Aquotix Aquariums

When a fine custom fish tank in Perth is your next project, you want an experienced team on the task. Aquotix Aquariums, located in Canning Vale, have been in the business for over 20 years. They produce some of Perths best glass aquariums up to 3.6m in length by 1.2m tall and every size in between.

If you want something larger they also provide acrylic units customised depending on individual requirements. All materials are sourced from the highest quality – from the best glaziers and manufacturers in Perth.

Building the fish tank is only the beginning. Once completed, Aquotix Aquariums offer custom automation for water settings and the latest filtration systems. With a 10-year replacement warranty on all aquariums around Australia, Aquatic Aquariums deal directly with your insurance company if a problem does occur. Head down to the showroom in Canning Vale to see their work on display.

Pases Aqua

In the heart of Cockburn Central, you will find Pasa Aqua – the specialists in all things aquatic. These guys have a diverse knowledge base that comes from years in the industry offering the highest level of aquarium design and installation. Pases Aqua designs and makes a range of custom fish tanks in Perth – freshwater aquariums, marine and saltwater aquarium and also specialise in restaurant aquarium.

Start your fish tank journey with a consultation to discuss what you’re looking for then let Pases Aqua design and build your tank to your specifications. Your aquarium is constructed using leading technology and materials from the finest manufacturers so you know your fish tank will last for years to come.

Polytech Plastics

While Polytech Plastics isn’t wholly an aquarium builder, they are experts in plastic fish tank fabrication. Polytech Plastics design, create and install many styles of aquariums, fish tanks and viewing tanks depending on the client. With strong experience in both the commercial and entertainment markets, Polytech Plastics utilise their expertise to bring their domestic clients the best aquatic solutions.

Its extensive portfolio includes large home fish tanks up to 6 metres long including a flat screen TV inset into a unit. Smaller domestic units are no problem for Polytech; they will design your fish tank to any shape and suit your house or business. Aside from producing the best plastic fish tanks in Perth, they also have a steel fabrication shop to construct full support systems for these Aquariums if needed.

If you’re looking for a home aquarium in Melbourne have a read of The Best Aquariums in Melbourne or if you’re in Sydney, have a read of The Best Aquariums in Sydney.

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