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Maria Vole

Could This Be The Most Profitable Chocolate Maker?

Luxury chocolate brand To’ak Chocolate delivers the world’s most valuable chocolate, charging over $300 for a single bar of chocolate.

The chocolatier company was founded on a passion for the pure delicacy of excellent quality chocolate and a desire to rebrand chocolate as the luxury item it traditionally was. Co-founders Jerry Toth and Carl Schweizer wanted to elevate chocolate to the level of quality wines and whiskeys – and in the process, they created the world’s first truly luxury chocolate brand.

Photo: Taco By To’ak Chocolate

Working with a small group of local cacao growers in Piedra de Plata, To’ak Chocolate creates an artisan chocolate experience. Using the world’s oldest and most rare type of cacao, which is 100 per cent pure Nacional cacao, the company focus on quality in every aspect of the production process.

Photo: Taco By To’ak Chocolate

This rare variety of the Arriba cacao bean was formerly believed to be extinct and is exceptional in flavour with a rich taste and floral notes. These luxurious bars provide a true journey of taste, made with love and care in every step of the process.

Paying homage to the history of chocolate, To’ak Chocolate highlights the fact that chocolate was considered sacred in many cultures for thousands of years. The treat was reserved for royalty, priests and the most privileged in society, and was in fact also used as currency in some places.

Photo: Taco By To’ak Chocolate

The company laments the mass-production of chocolate that cheapened this luxury treat, and have created a bespoke chocolate experience for veritable connoisseurs.

The company handcraft the chocolate bars, and a single roasted cacao bean is cemented into the middle of the bar with precision. This is intended to highlight the unadulterated flavour of the cacao and root the chocolate in its origins. To’ak Chocolate is pure, untouched by additions such as gold dust, ganache, dried berries or nuts the way many other luxury chocolates are embellished.

Photo: Taco By To’ak Chocolate

The company has an impressive portfolio of chocolate products, each more delectable than the last. Here are just a few of our favourites of these handmade treats:

El Niño Harvest 2016

This is the luxury brand’s first 100 per cent cacao bar, produced during the torrential rains of the storm El Niño. This product is surprisingly light considering its high cacao content and carries a hint of sweetness in its flavour.

$288.00 AUD | 50g (1.76 oz) | 2015 Harvest

Palo Santo Aged 3 Year

This chocolate bar was produced with a particular vision in mind: the pure To’ak Chocolate was aged with aromatic Palo Santo wood for three years, providing a special fragrant edition of the much-adored chocolate. The taste profile is diverse, carrying hints of citrus, mint, coffee and clove, and the bar exudes an aroma of floral and wood notes.

$295.00 AUD | 50g (1.76 oz) | 2015 Harvest

Tequila Cask Aged 3 Years

This lush bar was aged in a tequila cask for three years, creating smooth, soft chocolate. Tones of caramel and honey are prominent, resulting in a sweeter flavour of 73 per cent chocolate.

$318.00 AUD | 50g (1.76 oz) | 2015 Harvest

100% Organic Cacao Powder

A cult favourite of To’ak Chocolate, their Cacao Powder is the perfect chocolatey treat. Drinking a warm cup of cacao in the morning will not only have many health benefits and give you plenty of energy for the day ahead – but it will also give you a delicious taste of pure quality chocolate and a moment of everyday luxury.

$35.00 AUD | 250g (8.8 oz)

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