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It’s A Wrap: Snug Up This Winter With These Cosy Scarves

What better way to fight off the winter chill than with a cashmere scarf? While winter in Australia may not always warrant wearing one, scarves are the perfect way to add layers to your outfit or simply add a pop of colour. Here are seven scarves that we firmly believe you need in your winter wardrobe.

Burberry Scarf

We’d honestly be surprised if you didn’t have this one in your wardrobe already, but when it comes to scarves the Burberry Classic Check is a must. While this luxurious cashmere scarf comes in a range of colours, you simply can’t beat the classic Archive Beige. Buyers can also get free personalisations on their Burberry cashmere scarves.

Acne Studios Scarf

Spotted all across Instagram, Acne Studios’ Fringed Checked Knitted Scarf has become a trendy winter staple. Made from an alpaca blend and coming in a range of both pastel and bright colourways, the iconic Acne Studios scarf is the trendiest way to stay warm this winter.

Gucci Sten Scarf

Another designer classic, the Gucci Sten Scarf is the perfect addition to any autumn or winter outfit. Covered in the GG monogram in a neutral brown, the Sten Scarf is super versatile.

Chanel Cashmere Scarf

Stay cosy and warm with this cashmere, wool and silk blend scarf.


Woven in Italy from a light blend of wool, silk and cashmere, this graphic print scarf is perfect to wear year-round. Covered in an eye-catching graphic print, this scarf from LOEWE is the perfect pop of colour to elevate any outfit.

Fendi FF Scarf

Covered in the iconic FF motif, this cashmere and wool Fendi scarf is perfect for dressing up winter outfits.

Louis Vuitton Scarf

Made from 100 per cent cashmere, this Louis Vuitton mini scarf is a stunning statement scarf that fits closely around the neck.

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