Bold splashes of deep primary colour, known as jewel tones, are taking hold of the interior design world | Source: Rikki Snyder

Jewel Tones: Interior Design Tips for Regal Colour Palettes

Using jewel tones in your interior design is an excellent way to expand the depth of space and spill rich hues into well-lit places.

Historically, precious and semi-precious gemstones have been used to signify wealth, status and royalty (think crowns etc) and so when we see these jewel tones interrupted into modern design, they instantly give a sense of distinction.

From shimmering accents of gold to ruby reds, emerald greens and bold sapphires. Here are the best jewel-toned colours and pieces to integrate into your interior design to give your home a sense of regal-ness.

Emerald Green Sofa

This three and a half seat sofa comes in verdant emerald green and looks regal when paired with shining gold or smooth porcelain, it is versatile and beautifully suited to standing out from a lighter coloured wall.

A perfect example of a larger piece of jewel tone furniture, its colour scheme could be continued through the house or combined with a magenta armchair.

Jewel tone
A$2,499 | Source: Early Settler

Brooklyn Armchair

The deep ruby red of this chair is reminiscent of your favourite lipstick and will add the perfect pop of colour to any space. Bring this piece to life by adding accents of brass decor, elements of sapphire and eggshell in drapery and shelving for a modern touch.

Brooklyn and Bella Manhattan Shell Velvet Armchair A$1,029.00 | Source: Temple & Webster

Moody Teal and Gold Accents

Teal and gold is a classic jewel tone combination and one that never really gets old. This wallpaper and bedhead combination imbues a magical quality and can inject some energy into a dull and otherwise plain space. We love this combination for a guest bedroom or powder room.

Source: Pinterest

Jewel Abstract Geometric Rug

Dreamy geometry and vivid shades of emerald and ruby conjure up images of colourful New York apartments with bespoke wooden furniture and views of the city skyline.

This rug is a serious combination of deep colour and jewel-tone shapes in a pleasing design, a centrepiece for anyone looking to add glamorous tones to their interiors.

Ted Baker Sahara Burgundy Rug A$1,290.00 | Source: Rugs Australia

Leather Pendant Light in Cobalt

This mid-century modern nightshade is made of brass and hand-stitched leather and is available in Cobalt, Emerald Green, Camel, Black, and Berry.

It is an amazing addition to any room and provides an excellent centre of focus, it is inspired by the works of Colombian artist Fernando Botero as well as the tradition of Colombian saddle making, Talabartero translates to “master saddler.”

Leather Pendant Light in Cobalt, Doma, Talabartero Saddle Lamp Collection A$3,453.00 | Source: 1stdibs

Jewel Tone Paint Colours

Inverness SW 6433, Sherwin-Williams

This colourway would be well suited to an office or dining room and pairs well with darker wood tones and bronze, a must if you like the way light dapples through trees and a great colour for bright natural light to show up.

Source: Sherwin-Williams

Cascades SW 7623, Sherwin-Williams

This beautiful jewel tone is reminiscent of high-quality interiors and opulent fittings, more suited to pairing with a shining gold owing to its dark teal hue, it would be used well as a feature colour in a kitchen or bathroom.

Source: Sherwin-Williams

Brushed Clay, Magnolia Home

A soothing shade of ochre, this colour reminds of citrine but with a more muted, calmer feel to it. Makes an excellent colour blocker for when you want to show off some cool vintage furniture.

Brushed Clay, Magnolia Home A$92.00 | Source: Magnolia

Crushed Velvet 2076-10, Benjamin Moore

A vibrant, welcoming hue that would be perfect for a front door or hallway accenting this colour is not for the faint-hearted, it jumps off the wall and is a perfect background for muted shades and dramatic silhouettes.

Source: Aspire Design and Home

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