Fine-wine collectors have been stocking up during the pandemic. Storage options range from a glorified fridge to a bespoke cellar costing millions | Source: Liebherr

Keeping Fresh: The Best Wine Coolers for 2021

Fine-wine collectors have been stocking up during the pandemic. Storage options range from a glorified fridge to a bespoke cellar costing millions.

While offering a stylish way to showcase your best drops, wine coolers are a vital part of storing vintages and bubbly to ensure optimum enjoyment when it’s time to pop open the bottle. If you’re on the hunt for a high-quality wine fridge to house your growing collection or finest wines, be sure to look for precise temperature control, wooden drawers and practical features. Here are some of the best wine fridges that tick all of those boxes.

VinoVault C428 Dual Zone

Storing up to 155 bottles of your favourite wine, the VinoVault wine fridge offers convenient slide-out wooden shelves, protective double-layered glass and stainless steel door and two compartments with adjustable temperatures.

Liebherr Single Zone

While some like their wine right where they can see it, others prefer to store their vintages in a more discreet wine fridge. The Liebherr Single Zone Freestanding is the perfect alternative to the usual glass-panelled wine fridge, offering 195 bottle capacity and child-proof control.

Grand Cru 42SBLK

Featuring a stylish curved design, this Grand Cru mini-fridge can store up to 42 bottles at a single zone temperature and is controlled with a touchpad LED display. Inside you can store your finest wine on the lower display shelf or on the four other slide-out shelves.

Kings Bottle 308 Litre Wine Fridge

Storing up to 98 bottles of wine, the Kings Bottle Upright Wine Fridge is another highly rated wine cooler. The Kings Bottle wine fridge is comprised of 10 sliding shelves and an ultra-quiet 12V fan system.

Smeg Linea Wine Cellar

Offering storage of up to 18 Bordeaux bottles, Smeg’s ultra-luxe Linea Wine Cellar is a built-in option for avid wine lovers. Inside, bottles rest on telescopic sliding oak shelves made from the same oak as traditional wine barrels. Wine connoisseurs can add Smeg’s Sommelier Drawer below the sleek Linea Wine Cellar to house all the essentials.

Cleaver Corkscrew Salumi Curing Cabinet

If you happen to enjoy sipping on your drop of choice with some cured meats, this is the wine fridge for you. Divided into a curing and cellaring cabinet, the Cleaver Corkscrew can hold between 50 to 60 kilograms of meat and up to 60 bottles of wine thanks to its heater, compressor cooling, humidifier, and passive air circulation.

Fisher & Paykel Integrated Column

Storing up to 91 bottles, the Integrated Column Wine Cabinet is a stylish way to house the finest drops in your kitchen. Offered in three colourways, the wine cabinet fits seamlessly with your kitchen cabinetry and operates at precise temperatures.

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