A new generation of virtual accessories has hit the market. NFT Watches | Source: Twitter

Keeping Time in the Metaverse: NFT Watches

Wearable, non-fungible tokens or NFTs, are currently a rapidly growing market, with huge potential for luxury brands. One such accessory not immune to this trend, are watches.

Though the concept may seem counterintuitive, being that you cannot physically wear your purchased accessory or piece of clothing in real life, the amount of wearable NFTs generating sales in the metaverse is not slowing down anytime soon. These NFTs are not an investment as such, but instead an opportunity to express oneself through an avatar in unique virtual clothing.

Non-fungible watches, in particular, offer a niche market of collectibles not yet taken over by well-known luxury brands.

They also represent the opportunity for brands to attempt to decentralise the Metaverse. NFT watches are simple accessories available for the everyday user, rather than real estate typically purchased by corporations.

Below are three companies that have taken this accessorising to the next level.


Metawatches is one German software company offering luxury NFT watches. Under a process termed ‘minting’, users are able to create and buy a watch, which is then dropped in an online collection, consisting of uniquely generated designs.

The watch is a fully functional device and displays the owner’s current time. A metawatch can provide three modes; the metaverse, smartwatch and clock. In an interview with NFT culture, Metawatches describes the current opportunity to meet the demand for watches in the metaverse.

Luxury watch brands such as Rolex are struggling to make the transition to digitization and NFTs….Smartwatches, which combines watches and technology, on the other hand, do not meet the standards of a luxury watch. To fill this void, we developed Metawatches. Our watches combine cutting-edge technology with luxury art.

Metwatches for NFT Culture
A selection of available watches by Metawatches. Source: Metawatches

Generative Watches

Under the guise of 29-year old Jesus Calderon, is the discord Generative Watches, offering wearable NFT watches that are spoofs of real luxury brands. A Rødex Daitona or a Rødex Bitmariner may not be the real deal Rolexes, but they carry an asking price that is not too dissimilar (upwards of a thousand dollars).

Calderon designs each animation himself and uploads the watch as a JPG or GIF to his store on opensea, where users can purchase their very own NFT watch. In this way, Calderon describes NFTs as equating to a ‘digital signature’. Each token or product is specific and this is what makes them attractive to trade.

Generative watches are 3D animations. They have been crafted to function exactly like a normal watch, when in the metaverse. Operating at eight beats per second, Calderon has even programmed the watches to show slight faltering, as if you were looking down at it on your wrist.

“Go flex on your followers, your friends, your moms. Just be aware some can flex harder than others.”- Generative Watches. Source: Twitter

Spatial Port

Described as “gravity-defying” and “totally unique”, these watches were released by SpatialPort, a 3D shopping brand, in 2021. Founded by a team of video game industry and eCommerce professionals, SpatialPort strives to democratise and decentralise the Metaverse, through an online immersive shopping experience.

This particular collection featured early entry into the SpatialPort Shopping Metaverse app and exclusive access to the brand’s private Discord channel as well as Metaverse parties.

We’re delighted to raise the bar of quality and craftsmanship in the NFT industry with the introduction of SP21 MTVRSMaster Collection. The collection represents the world’s first timepiece which connects the real and the virtual through blockchain and AR.

Alex Bellesia, SpatialPort co-founder and CEO
“Mint your luxury, R-wearable 3D NFT watch and join the movement to free the metaverse from the hands of big corporations”- SpatialPort. Source: SpatialPort

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