LA Barra Los Angeles | Source: Instagram

A Hidden New Rooftop Hangout in the Heart of the Arts District: LA Barra Los Angeles

Look for the lemon

La Barra

Hidden on the rooftop of the LA Cha Cha Chá restaurant is a new Mexican bar. With a half-secret entrance under a glowing neon lemon, LA Barra serves up late-night food and drinks in the middle of LA’s Arts District.

Residing neatly at 803 Traction Avenue, Los Angeles, the new rooftop bar follows in LA Cha Cha Chá’s Mexican footsteps. The Grupo Palmares production is complimented with food by Mexico City-born, LA-raised chef Alejandro Guzman, who supplies a menu dominated by colorful cocktails and street snacks.

LA Barra Los Angeles
LA Barra Los Angeles | Source: LA Eater

You’ll find delicious dishes like tacos dorados and molletes, guacamole and chips, and pambazo sandwiches on telera bread with chorizo. Wash down the food with bright cocktails like an old-fashioned made with blue corn masa and a highball featuring vodka infused with smoked nopales.

LA Barra Los Angeles Carnitas golden tacos
A drink with blue corn tortilla abasolo whiskey
Blue corn tortilla Abasolo whiskey | Source: LA Eater

The lush rooftop hangout creates a trendy atmosphere through its use of cacti, palm trees and moody string lighting. The colourful vibes bring the best out of the surrounding Arts District, transforming it to feel more like a tropical beach destination. A rarity in the area, the new Mexican bar in LA that opened on Friday 8th October, will offer food every night until 1am.

LA Barra Los Angeles is open from 8pm to 2am, Tuesday to Saturday, with food served from 10pm.

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