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LaDoubleJ founder JJ Martin's Wunderwall Exhibit | Source: The Last Magazine

La DoubleJ: The Italian Lifestyle Brand Creating Bold Mood-Boosting Pieces

Mood-boosting, vibration-raising fashion and homeware in toe-tapping prints

Milan-based brand La DoubleJ is a hotspot of vibrant fashion and heart-warming homeware for the print-loving maximalist.

Founded by JJ Martin in 2015, the design and fashion journalist has evolved La DoubleJ from a small shopping magazine selling vintage clothes into a fully-fledged Italian lifestyle brand. Defined by its bright colours and vintage archival prints, La DoubleJ presents new modern fashion silhouettes, cool home design items and rare vintage pieces – all with a joy-inspiring theme.

The brand also recently announced an “influential creative leader” in Julia Leach officially becoming its chief brand officer. Leach has an extensive resume spanning the fashion, technology, design, and retail industries. After spending almost ten years as executive creative director of Kate Spade, she then went on to lead the launch of the Apple Watch. She’s also held creative positions across beauty brand, Beautycounter, Ralph Lauren, Gap and Target.

At La DoubleJ, she’ll be working alongside the founders to help “realise their creative and business goals” through marketing and content innovation, international growth, and category expansion.

With so many awe-inspiring pieces, here’s a look at some of our favourite La DoubleJ pieces across both fashion and homeware.

Swing Dress – Night Garden in Silk Twill

The Swing Dress is one of La DoubleJ’s icon pieces. The easy silhouette works at Sunday breakfast or in a casual office – slim in the shoulders and generous in the hips with a classic t-shirt style.

Swing Dress in Night Garden in Silk Twill
Approx A$1,072 | Source: La DoubleJ

Big Skirt – Big Blooms in Cotton Poplin

Another iconic silhouette from La DoubleJ, this Big Skirt features in a comfy lightweight cotton poplin with the Big Blooms pattern. The printed fabric effortlessly goes from casual to smart either wearing it high as a strapless maxi dress or as a flowing maxi skirt.

Big Skirt - Big Blooms in Cotton Poplin
Approx A$761 | Source: La DoubleJ

Palazzo Pants – Ittica in Pebbled Sablé

The famous Palazzo Pant silhouette features in La DoubleJ’s pebbled sable fabric with an Ittica pattern that brings a breezy Mediterranean vibe. Sitting comfortably on the waist with flared bottoms, the piece flows like a skirt but has the comfort and practicality of pants.

Palazzo Pants - Ittica in Pebbled Sablé
Approx A$769 | Source: La DoubleJ

Soup And Dinner Plates Set – Rainbow Mix in Porcelain

A basic soup and dinner plate set from the colour-popping Rainbow collection designed to inject energy into any tablesetting. Made in collaboration with Italian porcelain greats Ancap, the set is crafted from high-quality porcelain with a rainbow of colourful painted trims.

Approx A$528 | Source: La DoubleJ

Teapot – Tree Of Life in Porcelain

Becoming the centrepiece of any tea party, this Italian porcelain teapot is elegantly moulded with flower motifs and hand painted with 18K gold details. Part of the Big Mama collection, the verdant print represents the all-abundant and all-protecting Tree Of Life.

Teapot - Tree Of Life in Porcelain
Approx A$357 | Source: La DoubleJ

Wrap Blanket – Athena in Cotton / Silk

This stylish multitasker is both a blanket and wrap perfect for a car trip or at the beach. From La DoubleJ’s Goddess collection, the large piece features an original intarsia motif that looks elegant when wrapped around yourself or draped over a couch all on its own.

Wrap Blanket - Athena in Cotton / Silk
Approx A$357 | Source: La DoubleJ

Sheet & Pillowcase Set – Wildbird Blu Small in Cotton

Made from 100% Italian-made, satin finish cotton, this La DoubleJ sheet and pillowcase set comes in a luxurious 300 thread count. The super soft bedding features in the Wildbird Blu print with a colourful embroidery along the edges – perfect as a matching set or in a mix and match scenario.

Sheet & Pillowcase Set - Wildbird Blu Small in Cotton
Approx A$513 | Source: La DoubleJ

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