L’Occitane Abides To South of France Beauty

L’Occitane is one of the leading companies across the world when it comes to beauty, skincare and fragrance products.

Based in Manosque in France, L’Occitane was founded in 1976 by Olivier Baussan, who wanted to start a company that celebrated the traditions of Provence – a place dear to his heart, and a place he calls home.

Since then, the company has delivered countless products inspired by the south of France, preserving the culture and traditions of the region. L’Occitane’s 2019 financial year saw reported a revenue sum of A$2.3 billion.

L’Occitane aims to preserve traditional agriculture practices in the south of France and works to achieve this in several different ways.

Photo: L’Occitane Australia

The brand assists the efforts to cultivate almond trees in the Alps of Haute-Provence, preserving rare species of flowers and plants through its planting with a distinct focus on lavender. Alongside the outputs that are sourced locally in Provence, L’Occitane purchases Fair Trade shea butter from women’s groups in Burkina Faso.

With a strong focus on giving nature skin and beauty products, sustainably produced with a focus on local heritage and traditional methods, this award-winning beauty brand brings the magic of Provence to people across the world.

The skincare products created with rich, nourishing natural ingredients will leave you with a feeling of luxury and calm. Deeply inspired by the south of France and the traditional beauty secrets of the region, these unique body care products have been a success with women all over the world, and the company continues to thrive. Among their most popular products are the following:

The Petit Remedy

This little multi-purpose balm softens and smoothes hands, relieves dryness and protects the skin. It can also be used on nails to make them look pretty and healthy, or nourish dry and tired cuticles.

Photo: L’Occitane Australia

Immortelle Divine Cream

This hugely popular face cream is infused with immortelle essential oil. Rich in antioxidants, this face moisturiser is anti-aging, softening and nourishing the skin.

Photo: L’Occitane Australia

Shea Butter Hand Cream

It’s no wonder that this lightweight, beautifully scented hand cream is a best-seller. Enriched with honey and sweet almond extract, this hand cream is the perfect nourishing, smoothing option for those of us who are always on the go.

Photo: L’Occitane Australia

Overnight Reset Serum

This innovative serum will help you wake up with a refreshed and youthful visage. The serum is suitable for all skin types and will work especially well when you combine it with one of L’Occitane’s face moisturisers.

Photo: L’Occitane Australia

Almond Shower Oil

Another common favourite, this award-winning bath product moisturises and cleans the skin. The oil will turn into a lavish, almond-scented foam, leaving you with nourished, satin-soft skin. Built on natural, plant-based and often organic ingredients of the highest quality, these beauty products will help revive your skin and make you feel your best. With over 40 years of experience, L’Occatani delivers luxury products for everyday use. These indulgent, aromatic products will help to enhance your wellbeing and give you the feeling of being at a spa – even from your bathroom.

Photo: L’Occitane Australia

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