Louis Vuitton Furniture: Living The Louis Vuitton Way

When you can’t visit your favourite Cheval Blanc¬†hotel, whether it’s the one in Paris or the Maldives island of Randheli, there’s always the option of bringing it to your humble home. At home with Louis Vuitton might just be the way to go with your next investment.¬†

Dolls by Raw Edges

This limited edition piece is designed by Yael Mer and Shay Alkalay and can be hand-painted and customised on the back of the backrest to create a unique collector piece. Available in two materials, leather and fur. This is the perfect piece to add a contemporary look to your dining table.

Photo: Available to purchase at Louis Vuitton $27,000

Hammock By Atelier Oi

Woven leather is not common, let alone one that is made into a hammock. The leather strips in this creation are made of specially-developed Louis Vuitton leather and are reinforced with 786 gilded engraved rivets. If this does not invite you to just pick up a book and be in a daze all day long, we don’t know what else will.

Available to purchase at Louis Vuitton $66,500

Lounge Chair By Marcel Wanders & Gabriele Chiave

This lounge chair is a part of the Objets Nomades collection, a glorious attempt to bring extraordinary designers together to create experimental yet functional furniture pieces and design objects. With its carbon fibre structure and VVN leather straps, this lounger chair folds into a travel bag, the only companion you’ll ever need for those days that you just can’t wait to escape.

Available to purchase at Louis Vuitton $54,500

Cocoon By Fernando & Humberto Campana

What happens when you combine the latest in cutting-edge technology and the timeless quality of Louis Vuitton and hand it over to two visionary designers? Well, a golden egg cocoon lounge chair. With a maximum capacity of 100 kilos, this fibreglass shell is covered with calfskin, not to mention the 2-meter suspension cord, with brass trims.

Available to purchase at Louis Vuitton $145,000

Babyfoot Canvas Monogram

The fully functional piece is covered in iconic Monogram and decorated with gold-color accents. The House’s immaculate detailing is reflected in the hand-painted players, inspired by the LV groom illustration from 1921, and the charming enamel counting coins.

Available to purchase at Louis Vuitton $97,000

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