To date, Rosan Diamond has sold around 450 art collection cards | Source: Rosan Diamond

Art Collection: Luxury Credit Cards For the Ultra-High-Net Worth

The ultra-wealthy are dropping up to A$50,000 on gold credit cards decked out with precious gems. 

Jewel encrusted “Art Collection” credit cards have been around since 2000, but these decadent creations are more than just a payment method and while most consumers are moving towards wearable paying methods in the era of tap and pin payment, they are still the ultimate expression of style and elegant practicality.

Inspired by artisan jewellery and using cutting-edge lapidary techniques and materials, these credit cards are more than just a way to pay for dinner or an expensive necklace for your partner, they are an expression of wealth few people can afford.

The maker of these cards is the Switzerland-based Rosan Diamond, which has partnered with banks around the world to produce ultra-expensive cards that also function as tap and pay credit cards, they have released countless collections of different themed credit cards, all inlaid with precious stones and made using gold and other precious materials.

Many of these cards have been inspired by ancient history, world culture and popular past-times.

There is the Japanese inspired “Samurai Helmet” collection, with a stylized image of a suji Bachi helmet from the Edo Period of Japanese history.

The card is designed to feature the defensive characteristics of a Samurai helmet from the Edo period.

The shikoro, a “skirt” of metal plates joined together by silk cords features at the upper part of the card, the fukigaeshi, large flaps on the helmet protecting the face from lateral sword strikes on the peripheries and the kuwagata, a pair of horns that can soften the impact of a weapon surround a dragon in the middle of the card.

Inlaid into the card are 1,478 ct of diamonds and 0,605 ct of cognac diamonds with jasper and mother of pearl precious stones used in the design.

Some of the luxurious cards take the form of ancient art inspired creations, with one collection drawing inspiration from the ancient Egyptian sun god, Ra.

This card makes extensive use of quality materials such as Jasper, Turquoise, Jadeite, Lazurite, Rhodonite, Coral, Seashell, Cacholong, Mother of pearl to convey the incredible wealth of the ancient Egyptian pharaohs.

On one side it depicts the sun god, Ra on his boat Manjet, crossing the sky from east to west, lighting the dawn and fading in the dusk, while on the other side, Ra is standing on the boat Mesektet, which carries him along the subterranean river through the realm of the night.

Upon the bow of the boat stands the Egyptian phoenix Bennu, a symbol of immortality and the soul of the sun god.

The “Ra” card contains 35 rubies and 14 carats of gold.

These designer credit cards can cost up to A$50,000 each, but are they practical and will anyone buy them?

To date, Rosan Diamond has sold around 450 art collection cards.

The majority of Rosan Diamond’s direct clients are businessmen from Eastern Europe, CIS, Malta, Switzerland and Latin America, Rosan Diamond’s business development director Ruslan Aybazov told Business Insider.

According to Bloomberg, Insignia – one of Rosan Diamond’s concierge partners, which is launching a new credit card service for members in 2020 – has 800 clients around the world. Approximately 50 are from the US, one quarter of whom are billionaires.

Once completed, a card is shipped to a client’s bank in a luxury wooden box | Source: Rosan Diamonds

Each card comes with a companion card with a magnetic strip and card numbers that can be used like a normal credit card which can be upgraded to a more deluxe version making use of metal in place of the plastic card that comes as standard, but even the gold-encrusted, diamond inlaid designer credit cards can be used as a tap and pin payment method.

Rosen Diamond suggests that the cards can span generations, the payment chip implanted in the card can be replaced while the card itself can be cleaned and polished by Rosan Diamonds, much like any other piece of jewellery.

Individually crafted, custom cards are also possible, with the company’s craftsmen and artisans able to design your card around initials, a family crest or a favourite pastime, to create a unique piece of art that is suited to the user’s tastes.

The luxury card designer, while partnered with banks around the world have offices located mostly in Russia with a few locations in places like Panama, Switzerland and Kazakstan, meaning some travel time may be on the cards if you would like to secure one of these unique items for yourself.

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