Limited to 50 examples, the luxury hovercraft from VonMercier will start at A$100,000 | Source: VonMercier

Meet Arosa: The World’s First Luxury Sports Hovercraft

Hovercrafts are nothing new. Commonly used as utility vehicles or pleasure crafts, they’ve been floating people across land, water, sand and ice since the 1950s.

There’s always been a gap in the market, however – the luxury sports hovercraft.

Akin to a stylish luxury sportscar, Electric vehicle manufacturer Von Mercier claims its new Arosa is “the world’s first luxury sports hovercraft.”

Von Mercier blends cutting-edge hovercraft and electric vehicle innovation with luxury, high-performance technology. The result is the world’s first luxury sports hovercraft.


Notoriously loud and inefficient, the Arosa is unlike other hovercrafts – it features an electric powertrain where a high voltage battery pack powers three independent electric motors reducing noise and pollution levels.

It’ll also give the craft a 90-minute drive time, 72 km of range per charge and propel it to up to 96 km/h in the right conditions.

It also features the American startup’s patented “directional control system” that uses a hidden main fan at the back and thrust-vectored side fans to mitigate another hovercraft flaw – uncontrollability.

The result of the innovative system is what Von Mercier says will make the Arosa ‘the most maneuverable personal hovercraft in the world.’ 

As stylish as it is unique, the vehicle is crafted in a carbon body kit with paint jobs, bespoke wood selections, fabrics and infotainment gear all customisable options.

While not legal to drive on public roads, Von Mercier believes the main market for the Arosa is luxury yacht owners who’ll use the machine as a recreational craft.

Von Mercier is producing 50 models of the super that could reportedly go on sale later this year with a price tag of over A$130,000.

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