Fraser Palamara

Fraser Palamara

Men’s Timepieces: He’ll Wear Over and Over Again

You’re not wrong to ever think that wearing a watch could be a little counterintuitive. Let’s face it, you carry a supercomputer in your pocket. Not only can your smartphone tell the time, but it can beam information around the globe and predict the weather a week from now.

But you would be wrong to think a watch is only good for telling the time. Watches and timepieces have enjoyed a long history of being a signal for style, wealth, and culture.

Your best outfit is seriously incomplete leaving your wrist bare when you could be rocking the latest Tag Heuer or Rolex.

So let’s explore the top five choices in men’s luxury watches for 2019.


This model is the Altiplano 38MM. When I see it, I think of art deco. I think of 1920s France. I think of smoke filled rooms and tuxedos. I think of courtship and formalities. Ever seen Casablanca?

This model actually boasts one of the thinnest faces on the market. It’s meek and sleek and very subdued in its approach.

It keeps it simple with one of fashion’s best rules: keep it to three colours.

In this case, it’s black, white, and silver.


This is the Ronde Louise. It boasts a beautiful 18 karat pink gold design. You can immediately see the watch is boasting a beautiful collection of bold roman numerals and a subtle alligator-style rugged band. Of course, it’s brown as well. Just right.

It really is the word “classic” personified.

Cartier excels at mixing metals and beautiful trimmings with a neutral leather band. If you’re looking for a metal link to wrap around your wrist, you’re better off picking a Rolex or Patek.

Tag Heuer

If you’re a fan of motorsports, there’s a chance you’ve seen the name plastered at every Formula 1 event you’ve ever attended.

Despite all the recognition, they might be one of the more unsung heroes of the timepiece world as it has to go up against the king pins like Rolex, Cartier, Piaget, and Patek Philippe.

Despite the stiff competition, Tag Heuer continues to present tasteful designs.

Most Tag Heuer models can file into any of its big five collections, including one as the popular Formula 1 range.

Now even if you’re not a motorsport fan, the Tag Heuer Carrera range of models is tasteful.

This is the Carrera Calibre 5. This piece is powered by a sapphire crystal to keep ticking and can even withstand water to depths of 100 metres. The steel bracelet wraps around your wrist like a snake and is applicable to almost any outfit.


It’s the watch of choice to plague airports and hotels with lobbies that boast a high roller gift shop.

What distinguishes Rolex from other luxury watch brands is that Rolex likes to keep it simple. Probably one of the reasons why they’re so well known. Brand recognition.

What a lot of casual watch wearers might not know is that most Rolex ranges actually accomodate for a different type of adventurer. Some withstand serious ocean depths and pressures. Others tell you what direction you’re facing. Are you a captain, or an explorer?

This is the Sea-Dweller.

A gold finish, plastered over ink black and overlaid onto shiny chrome.

Waterproof and depth resistant models like these are actually made in conjunction with Rolex and pro-divers over years of work. This model is depth proof of up to roughly 1200 metres.

This piece would typically cost you AUD$21,300.

Patek Philippe

It’s no surprise Patek would make its way to the top of this list. Obviously coming down to the upper echelon of brands would see Patek, Cartier, and Rolex butt heads. So picking them is a matter of by a hair’s inch.

The trademark signifier of Patek design is knowing when to and when not to incorporate minute faces and a myriad of additions.

This is the “5208” model from the Grand Complication range.

Having two secondary faces on the model feels like just the right amount of busy while also nestling in a minimal ‘day and night’ design at the bottom. The face isn’t too complicated and makes enough use of space to tell you the date as well.

The “5531” model also from the Grand Complications range displays a beautiful micro piece of art. Sunsets, the sea, and yachts. A small detail that is easy to miss, is that the iconic Patek logo is hiding in display at the top.

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