MET Gala 2022

In the gilded age of the USA, over the top extravagance was the norm, the 2022 MET Gala featured some gorgeous attention-grabbing outfits | Source: Instagram

MET Gala 2022: Glamorous Outfits Fill the Spellbinding Spectacle of Fashion

Sky-high fascinators, diamond-encrusted chokers and glamorous sequins were the order of the day at the “In America: An Anthology of Fashion” MET Gala at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. But which stars shone brightest on the red carpet and who was barely visible?

The event harked back to one of the many gilded ages in American history, the blingy early 2000s or the extravagance of the late 19th century when the United States of America witnessed rapid economic growth and the fashions and styles of the time reflected this wealth.

Everything was encrusted with gold or made to show extreme wealth during these periods and the gowns and garments at this year’s MET Gala did not disappoint fashion watchers with gorgeous materials and shimmering metallic colours.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds co-chaired this year’s New York night of nights and were dressed to the nines, Reynolds went white tie and tuxedo but was completely eclipsed by Lively’s Versace dress which changed colour from a copper bronze to dazzling green as the night went on.

“I wanted to ascend the carpet and have the outfit change, I think Versace thought I was crazy when I pitched this.”

Blake Lively

Not to be outdone, the event hosted all five Kardashian sisters; Kourtney, Kim, Khloé, Kylie and Kendall dominated headlines after the glamorous night and they weren’t all favourable reports.

Kim, accompanied by boyfriend Pete Davidson, chose to wear the very same vintage Jean Louis dress that sex symbol Marilyn Monroe wore when she sang John F. Kennedy happy birthday at his birthday fundraiser in 1962, Ripley’s museum in Florida purchased it for $6.8 million in 2016 and this is the first time it has made an appearance since Monroe wore it.

The sleek backless gown includes 2,500 hand-stitched crystals. Monroe reportedly wanted to achieve a seamless look on the night she wore it in 1962 so was actually sewn into the dress.

There has been no confirmation that Kim Kardashian went to such an effort, although she lost over 7 kilograms to fit into it. She also dyed her hair blonde and wore it slicked into an ultra-modern taut bun.

It was not all good news for the Kardashian sisters and while Kim hit a home run with her iconic wardrobe, her billionaire sister, Kylie struck out.

The internet exploded when the first pictures of the youngest member of the Kardashian clan were seen on social media, she opted to wear a wedding dress inspired gown by Off-White, an LVMH owned label founded by the late creative director of menswear for Louis Vuitton, Virgil Abloh.

It featured a bizarre oversized white baseball cap worn backwards underneath a fishnet bridal veil, the rest of the dress was made up of a sheer T-shirt bodice and a retro tulle skirt, many were mystified by the outfit as it seemed to be out of place amongst the gilded glamour.

There were other notable attendees at the event, wearing a vast array of attention-grabbing outfits, including Carla Delevingne who decided it was too warm to wear anything on her top half, only covering her nipples with gold discs.

Arriving in a sleek red suit with her feet and hands painted gold, Delevingne already looked sharp in a red silk military-style suit, carrying a handsome Victorian-era walking stick. She then proceeded to ditch the suit jacket to reveal her bare, gold-painted chest with the aforementioned nipple shields the only thing keeping her warm.

The revealing outfits didn’t stop there with supermodel and influencer Emily Ratajkowski seen in a multi-coloured assemblage of different materials including shimmering metallic gold and a partially see-through beaded top and choker.

Nicki Minaj wore a street style slash period costume inspired black leather outfit which featured black tulle and a black leather baseball cap, she reportedly experienced several wardrobe malfunctions when the low cut corset-style top struggled to accommodate her bust.

The prize for the best outfit for the night definitely has to go to Fredrik Robertsson, who wore a spectacularly sculptural Iris Van Herpen creation, the self-proclaimed fashion addict is editor in chief of Swedish fashion and beauty magazine, Boy.

Robertsson was confused for Oscar-winning actor Jared Leto at first and several news outlets had to delete posts after the misidentification was pointed out to them, Leto has been a regular at the event over the last few years and has always been dressed in an appropriately outrageous outfit.

This year, he and the creative director of Gucci, Alessandro Michele wore a matching printed white suit with red butterfly bow ties and black leather gloves, he described the look as, “Double Victorian Gilded Trouble.”

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