Dandelion ring by Michael Aram

Michael Aram's latest arrivals are sure to spark desire and admiration | Source: Michael Aram

Michael Aram’s Latest Collection Beckons You to Make A Wish

Known for taking inspiration from nature, Michael Aram’s handcrafted jewellery is characterised by elegance and craftsmanship. In the jeweller’s latest collection, the auspicious dandelion is honoured with white diamonds, 18K yellow gold, sterling silver and extreme attention to detail.

While considered undesirable in the garden, the sight of their fluffy seeds floating and suspended in the air is one of life’s simple pleasures. Here I’ve tried to interpret that weightless grace.

Michael Aram
Michael Aram Dandelion ring
Image: Dandelion Ring with Diamonds, approx. A$3,895 | Source: Michael Aram

Viewed by many as a symbol of hope, the dandelion beckons you to make a wish; “whether closing your eyes to scatter their seeds, or clutching to shout your wish into the wind, the shapes of the dandelion conjures optimism and magic.”

Crafted with both yellow gold and sterling silver, the Dandelion Flower Pendant Necklace is perfect for those who enjoy flower-inspired jewels and mixed metals. Crowned by a stunning pave white diamond in the centre, this delicate necklace is a statement accessory while remaining elegantly understated.

Michael Aram dandelion necklace
Image: Dandelion Flower Pendant Necklace with Diamonds, approx. A$2,085 | Source: Michael Aram

The Dandelion Collection also includes detailed flower earring studs and a statement ring, which blossom out from a diamond centre.

Michael Aram Dandelion earrings
Image: Dandelion Flower Earrings with Diamonds, approx. A$2,295 | Source: Michael Aram
Michael Aram Dandelion ring
Image: Dandelion Flower Ring with Diamonds, approx. A$2,085 | Source: Michael Aram

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