House Comes With Bird

"House Comes with a Bird" is the 23rd short film released by Miu Miu | Source: Prada Group

Miu Miu’s Tales: Release of 23rd Short Film

“House Comes With a Bird” directed by Janicza Bravo is the 23rd short film to be released in Women’s Tales, the ongoing short film series by Italian fashion house Miu Miu.

A subsidiary of the Prada Group, Miu Miu is a clothing and accessory brand headed by Miuccia Prada and headquartered in Paris. Launched in 2011, the series has been commissioned to produce two films a year for the brand’s summer and winter collections. The series began as part of Miu Miu’s advertising campaign, produced in collaboration with established female directors.

Directors were given carte-blanche to create their films, which generally have been based on a loose interpretation of Miu Miu’s clothing and accessories.

The 23rd instalment features a star-studded cast, which includes Natasha Lyonne from Orange is the New Black, Pedro Pascal who stars in Narcos and a debut performance for cellist Kelsey Lu.

The film’s premiere was held at NeueHouse in Hollywood on March 23 and the screening boasted an extensive guest list including Vanessa Hudgens, Hunter Schafer and Maude Apatow.

Pedro Pascal stars as a prospective buyer of a Californian House in the short film | Source: Miu Miu Official Twitter

Poignant and minimalistic, the film followed a series of fleeting encounters inside a house for sale on the Californian market and the prospective buyers.

Through the interactions inside the home, “House Comes with a Bird” delved into the different power dynamics of society. Race, gender and class were explored through different characters.

The dreamy and cool colour palette of the film was a soothing aesthetic and one that complimented the film’s complex themes.

Stills from “House Comes With A Bird” | Source: Miu Miu Official Twitter
Stills from “House Comes With A Bird” | Source: Miu Miu Official Twitter

In an interview with Miu Miu, director Janicza Bravo described the influence the pandemic had on her film.

“Obviously we’re in a pandemic, so my first thought was how to make something as contained as possible,” she said.

Bravo was careful to pay attention to clothing and ensure it was in harmony with the story. Pearl heels, crystal shades and monochromatic tones were woven throughout the film, inside a sun-drenched villa and set to cello music played by Lu.

“I think sometimes under the umbrella of fashion [and] film, narrative can sometimes cannibalise clothing,” she explained. “Or if it’s about the clothing it sometimes ends up being a bit hollow, it doesn’t have the room for the soul.”

I’d like to think inside of this film there was a marriage of text and beautiful clothing.

Janicza Bravo

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