Morgan has revitalised one of its most iconic cars: the three-wheeler. It's now called the Morgan Super 3, sporting an entirely new engine and a whole raft of serious changes to make it ever so slightly more usable | Source: Motor1

Morgan Super 3: The Vintage-Inspired Three-Wheeled Sports Car of the Future

Highly-decorated and commended First World War fighter pilot Albert Ball VC owned an original three-wheel Morgan and said it was the closest experience he could get to flying without leaving the ground.

The new Morgan Super 3 will be a huge departure from the mechanical design of its predecessor, but will this metamorphosis from motorbike-engineered to car-engineered power plant tarnish this proud British auto manufacturer’s name, or will it march triumphantly into a more fuel-efficient future?

The story of Morgan starts in the early 20th century when the brand began making light, zippy, 3-wheeled sports cars for motoring enthusiasts followed by a four-wheeled sports car in 1936 which stayed in production for more than 80 years, they produced 3-wheel sports cars up until 1952.

Fast forward to the Geneva Motor Show of 2011 and Morgan announced it would start production of a three-wheeler V-twin powered sportscar, the Morgan 3-wheeler.

Source: Road and Track

The iconic 3-wheeler is a masterpiece of intuitive engineering, the aggressive positioning of the motor allowing the passer-by to admire the cylinder blocks when cruising the city streets and the output of the Harley-Davidson Screaming Eagle motor giving the vehicle impressive performance statistics.

But it is 2022 and emissions standards applied to all production cars meant Morgan had to redesign the three-wheeled sports car for the modern market.

Available in 2023, the Morgan Super 3 is everything the classic British bespoke sportscar enthusiast could wish for.

Source: CarExpert

Gone is the Harley motor, replaced by a subdued more practical front grille and squarer design to fit the 1.5L, naturally aspirated Ford engine, the headlights will be spaced far apart as shown above when sold in the UK and Europe but will be closer together in the US, where it is classed as a motorcycle.

The vehicle will make use of a five-speed manual gearbox from a Mazda Miata through a bevel belt drive to produce 118 horsepower and 110 pound-feet of torque, it has no need for a differential owing to the single rear wheel and will have disc brakes at the front and a shoe for the rear.

Morgan expects the Super 3 to have around a 7-second 0-100kph and a top speed limited by the maximum speed rating of the narrow front wheels, 210kph.

Source: Morgan Motor Company

It’s a bold step for a sports car manufacturer to take, reduce the size of the engine, redesign the front end completely, do away with the iconic wooden frame and replace it with super formed aluminium and all of this with no power steering or ABS brakes.

But British motoring has always been about a stiff-upper-lip and the interminable will to carry on, despite setbacks and it must be said poor weather.

For the niche market, this model of the 3-wheeled sports car could be a winner, it is quick, tough and rugged, Morgan claims the interior is waterproof and can be jet washed at the local carwash and with a comparably low price tag of £41,995, this could be a successful iteration of a classic design in these tough economic times.

The Morgan Super 3 is available to purchase in the UK and USA and will be available in Australia in 2023.

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