The thermal club is a whole community built around multiple race tracks in California | Source: petrolicious

Inside the Most Exclusive Car Clubs in the World

For almost as long as the car itself has been around, like-minded enthusiasts have gathered to share sentiments on their favourite aspects of the automotive world. According to the Encyclopedia Britannia, the first automobile club was the Automobile Club de France, formed in 1895 in Paris.

And since then the popularity of elite car clubs has only increased. While there are numerous automotive associations around the world from classic collector clubs to high-performance racing clubs, there are some car cliques that provide something extra special.

We’re talking motoring’s finest fellowships where membership grants you access to cutting-edge racetracks, the finest exotic cars and world-class resort amenities. Here’s a look inside some of the most exclusive car clubs in the world.

The Thermal Club

Likely the most incredible car club in the world, Thermal Club is actually a private supercar community in the Coachella Valley. The ultimate members-only sports destination spans roughly 160 hectares and features everything from a private airport to 8.2kms of racetrack comprising three different circuits – The Desert Circuit, The North Palm Circuit, and South Palm Circuit.

To become a Thermal Club member, you have to either build a villa on the site or purchase a completed full-spec villa. A 669-square-metre on-track house starts at around A$4.85 million or for approximately A$3.38 million you can get a smaller 418-square-metre property that doesn’t sit trackside.

From there, membership costs are reportedly over A$124,000 for initiation fees and come with annual dues of more than A$21,100.

What you get for that money is essentially a car lover’s paradise. Aside from the racetracks, the opulent four-storey clubhouse features gourmet chefs and a full bar and there’s also a tuning shop for car repairs and a personal concierge service that can organise private jets.

Ferrari F1 Clienti

Only available to Ferrari’s VIP customers, the exclusive club serves as the client racing division of the Italian sports car brand. Since 2003 the programme has “offered a small group of enthusiasts the chance to buy Formula One single-seaters that have been raced by Scuderia Ferrari” – a very rare opportunity.

Ferrari F1 Clienti | Source: Ferrari

Members get to experience racing the cars at numerous world-class Formula One-level circuits around the world and receive coaching from a variety of Ferrari-contracted professional racing drivers.

As with most things Ferrari, the company keeps prices discreet, however, to be a part of the car club and access its benefits, members must buy one of the discontinued Formula One cars. Aside from the small fortune needed to make the purchase, these elite racing cars need constant specialist attention. Ferrari F1 Clienti membership fees include maintenance on the notoriously technical Formula One cars as well as impressive track fees for every exclusive race.

2021 Finali Mondiali ferrari car club
2021 Finali Mondiali at Mugello, Italy | Source: Ferrari

The Magarigawa Club

Opening next year, The Magarigawa Club in Japan will be one of the most exclusive car clubs in the world with just 250 memberships for the opening and 500 in total. Commanding a joining fee of A$345,000, Magarigawa is created for the biggest supercar fanatics who want the ultimate racing experience.

As the pièce de résistance, members will have access to a private track stretching 3.5km through the hills and valleys of Minamiboso. Designed by Formula One’s top circuit designer, Tilke Engineers and Architects, the track features 22 corners and an 800-metre long straight. 

Located one hour from central Tokyo, the one million square metre property is spread with resort-style luxuries including a state-of-the-art pit building and a clubhouse with swimming pool, hot spring baths, lounge and bar areas and a modern Japanese garden.

Surrounding the central clubhouse, villa-style accommodation dubbed the ‘Owner’s Paddock’ will be where members and their families stay. Each of the units boasts concierge and property management services, a two to four-car garage and terraces with views of Mount Fuji, Tokyo Bay and the private racetrack below.

Club Moolia

Arriving in 2023 in Western Australia, Club Moolia is the Asia Pacific’s first automotive country club boasting an over A$146 million Formula One-inspired driving circuit and Australia’s first Crystal Lagoons.

The incredible Dubai resort-style country club will deliver the ultimate automotive, sports, and entertainment experience with multiple world-class luxuries including a sports academy for golf, tennis, racing, and basketball.

Club Moolia WA
Source: Club Moolia

A more than 370-square-metre club lounge will be a modern design masterpiece with high ceilings, limited-edition art pieces and floor-to-ceiling windows framing track and lagoon views.

Accommodation for members and guests will comprise luxury on-track suites with planned club lounges, spas, private screening rooms and exclusive chauffeur transfers. Memberships will be strictly limited to just 600 on offer for both individuals and corporations starting from A$30,000 and a A$5,000 annual fee. For conglomerates, this will reach A$100,000 with a A$8,000 annual fee.

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