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Play it, Sam: The Most Expensive Pianos Ever Sold

A house—with art in it—is a home. Or at least it can appear to be, as developers on the luxury market have found. The same can be said about owning a good grand piano. From Steinway’s to Bösendorfer’s – quality and classic pianos have long been known to sell at premium prices from pianists and collectors alike. But when pianos have been owned by notable artists, featured in Hollywood films or made entirely by a 3D printer, the price of these musical instruments needs to be perceived to be believed.

7. Bösendorfer Opus 50,000, A$102,000

In celebration of Bösendorfer’s 185th anniversary, the oldest premium piano manufacturer created the Opus No. 50,000. With elements of gold throughout, this grand piano pays tribute to neoclassical Vienna and is valued at around A$102,000.

6. Fazioli Gold Leaf, A$615,000

Priced at around A$615,000, the Fazioli Gold Leaf is the height of luxury when it comes to premium pianos. Covered with 24-carat gold leaf, the Gold Leaf exudes royal prestige.

5. Blüthner Lucid EXO, A$1.3 million

Using 3D printing technology, the Blüthner Lucid EXO is one of the most expensive pianos outside of an auction house. Challenging the design elements of a traditional piano, the Lucid EXO is the world’s first fully 3D printer made piano and is made from composite alloy and panelled with reinforced acrylic. Priced at A$1.3 million, the Lucid EXOs are made to order.

4. Steinway & Sons Sound of Harmony Concert Grand, A$2.2 million

Taking four years to construct, Steinway & Son’s Sound of Harmony grand piano is composed of 40 different types of wood. Replicating the artwork of Chinese painter Shi Qi, this ornate and intricately crafted grand piano was valued at A$2.2 million.

3. John Lennon’s Steinway Model Z, A$2.7 million

Sold in 2000 to George Michael for around A$2.7 million, John Lennon’s Steinway Model Z is up there with the most expensive pianos ever sold. Bidding against Robbie Williams and Oasis brothers Liam and Noel Gallagher, George Michael purchased the iconic upright piano, cigarette burns and all, to donate it back to the Liverpool museum, stating that “it should be seen by people”.

2. Heintzman Crystal Piano, A$4.39 million

Manufactured by Heintzman & Co., this transparent crystal piano was sold to an unknown bidder for roughly A$4.39 million at auction. The only time this crystal piano has ever been played was back in 2008 for the Beijing Olympic Games when Chinese concert pianist Lang Lang played at the opening ceremony.

1. Casablanca Piano, A$4.6 million

Sold at New York auction house, Bonhams, the piano from Casablanca on which Sam plays ‘As Time Goes By’ sold for a record A$4.6 million making it the most expensive piano ever sold. Including the original stool and even an old piece of chewing gum stuck to the underside of the piano, the Casablanca piano is undoubtedly an expensive piece of Hollywood memorabilia.

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