The Most Instagrammable Picnic Spots in New York

Picnics are a culture. A vibe. A tradition. And this tradition has met its modern match. This is the improved formula to the traditional picnic. Cheese sticks, Roquefort cheese, a bottle of Pinot Gris, a scenic view and the Juno Instagram filter.

Here are the most Instagrammable picnic spots for your next New York trip.

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The High Line

The High Line is a 2.3 kilometre (1.45 mile) long elevated park, greenway and rail trail created on a former New York Central Railroad on the west side of Manhattan.

Located along the tracks are benches and alcoves that are hidden just enough so you won’t be disturbed while enjoying a picnic but not enough that you miss out on the views.

The abandoned track has taken styles from many different disciplines which include landscape architecture, ecology and urban design.

To bring a bit of the heritage to the bridge the plants that surround it are actually those that grew wild for 25 years after the trains stopped running.

And with the tress encasing the railway, walkers are transported into a fairytale world where anything is possible.

Elevated 30 feet up in the air the High Line offers stunning views of southern Manhattan with the likes of the delectable Chelsea Market, the nautical looking IAC Building, and the Tudor style General Theological Seminary.

With the success of the High Line, other cities throughout the United States are inspired and are taking things that are otherwise unused or decaying and are turning them into something beautiful.

With views like this who wouldn’t want to visit here and put it on their Instagram.

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New York Botanical Garden

If you want to spend a day located amongst a variety of flora and fauna look no further than the New York Botanical Garden.

The 100 hectare park is home to more than one million different species of plants ranging from desert, tropical and temperate.

You can see the likes of the azalea garden, lilac collection, violas, tree peonies and every Instagram favourite – cherry blossoms.

The colour and style of the different types of flowers make for one of the most inexpensive outdoor dining experiences in the Big Apple.

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The Elevated Acre

With New York famously known for being one of the most overcrowded cities in the world there lies a hidden oasis that is known to only a few.

The Elevated Acre can be found above (yes above!) the hustle and bustle of the Financial District on-top of a parking garage that no-one will think to look twice at.

It is a one-acre meadow surrounded by a canopy of trees and offers impressive views of New York Harbor and Brooklyn.

What makes it so secret is the entrance which looks like a normal set of escalators leading up to a nondescript building. But if you go up and see a small sign – you’re in the right place.

It’s so well hidden that people working in buildings next door don’t even know of its existence.

However, this makes for a perfect little oasis that you can be alone with your thoughts or just want to escape the mayhem that is New York.

And you can enjoy the sunset and nighttime views and take that perfect shot for Instagram without having to fight your way for that much needed angle.

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Hypar Pavilion

If you want time away from the crowds but still want to be in the middle of the sprawling metropolis then look no further than Hypar Pavilion.

In 2010 the Lincoln Centre (known for hosting concerts) opened its rooftop and developed the Hypar Pavilion – a green and grassy hill that gives busy city goers a chance to rest and recharge in the sun.

This addition creates an updated entrance to the Lincoln Centre and revitalises public spaces by adding a restaurant, grand staircase and reflecting pool.

The L.E.D. lights glow behind acid-etched glass which at closer inspection reveals thousands of film titles.

So those enjoying the park can take some Instagram worthy photos with the iconic Lincoln Centre.

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