The Bentley Mulliner Bacalar Worth $2.8 Million | Source: Bentley

Mulliner Makeover: The New A$2.8m Coachbuilt Bentley Bacalar

Only Bentley can sell out of a A$2.8 million ultra-exclusive cruiser before customers even get the chance to see the car. Just 12 examples will ever grace the roads and all are accounted for – each car, uniquely customised to its owner.

Every car has its absolute own personality

Bentley spokesman Tim Hannig told CNN

The British car manufacturer returns to its legendary Mulliner coachbuilding roots with the limited edition, two-seat, convertible, the Bentley Bacalar. Under the hood the new Bentley shares similarities with the Continental GT – the monstrous 6.0L twin-turbo W12 produces a mighty 650bhp.

It’s the Bentley Mulliner magic however, that takes the coupe, from the famous car company to the next level. Mulliner, the 1760s coachbuilder, has been a part of Bentley since 1959 as the company’s in-house coachbuilding, customisation and classic car operation. 

What they’ve brought to the Bentley Bacalar is a luxurious upgrade. Aside from the engine, only the door handles are shared with its sister the Continental GT. Every other exterior panel is unique to the Bacalar – a mix of hand-crafted carbon fibre and aluminium.

While the engine is paired with the same 8-speed automatic transmission, rear-wheel steering system and electronic differential as the GT, the Bacalar is a finely tuned machine. The British car manufacturer predicts a 0- just under 100km/h time of 3.5 seconds and a top speed of 322km/h.

Step inside and you’re treated to a luxury cabin that receives the full magic of a Mulliner makeover. The interior trim alone is formed from rare Copper-Infused Riverwood that’s 5000-years-old. The petrified wood is paired with a bespoke natural wool cloth and is all entirely hand-stitched.

The seats are crafted in a unique quilting pattern consistent with 148,199 stitches per seat and the two aero humps on the rear deck were designed for two bags from an Italian luxury luggage maker, Schedoni.

Source: Bentley

The luxury materials sweep through the wraparound cockpit that cocoons drivers in a sea of technology. The interface is designed to work like a smartphone – seamless integration between media, telephone and navigation. The advanced dashboard is centred around Bentley’s Rotating Display that has three sides. One is ‘blank’ and matches the rest of the dashboard, another reveals a high-resolution touchscreen when the engine starts.

A third side reveals three Bentley styled analogue clocks; a chronometer, a compass and one displaying the temperature – each features one-of-12 badging.

Attesting to the Bentley Bacalar’s unrivalled exclusivity – Bentley didn’t get approval for the car in the US, meaning it’s not officially road legal in the country.

Unfortunately for fans, there’s no hope of securing one of the 12 Bentley Mulliner Bacalar’s. Even while a pandemic couldn’t slow the luxury car market down, every A$2.8 million Bacalar already has an owner.

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