The Mission R is the latest vision from Porsche. With this study of an all-electric GT racing car, the pioneer of sustainable mobility is revealing what customer motorsports could look like in the future. A look at the body and chassis | Source: Porsche

Munich Motor Show 2021 Confirms Green Future For Motoring

Officially named the International Motor Show Germany, or in German the Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung (IAA), the Munich Motor Show finally returned this September. From September 7 to 12, the Munich Motor Show witnessed no shortage of high-tech scooters, buses and e-bikes as the world shifts to a more sustainable mode of transportation. A series of concept cars nodding to a greener and distinctly electric future in motoring made their debut.

Audi grandsphere

Dubbed a sedan of the future, Audi’s grandsphere concept was unveiled at the Show as the second instalment in a series of visionary concept cars. Focused around presenting the automobile as an ‘experience device’, the grandsphere concept is autonomous, sleek and features a cabin made from sustainable or recyclable materials. Featuring an operating system that projects onto the vehicle’s wooden dashboard as well as a space to keep your favourite indoor plant, the Audi grandsphere is certainly an exciting vision of the future.

Smart Concept #1

Primed to rival Mini’s Countryman is Smart’s largest-ever model, it’s Concept #1. Equipped with an 800-volt system, a 12.8-inch dashboard touchscreen and a large sunroof, Concept #1 is set to be manufactured as early as next year. However, Australia is unlikely to see the return of the smart cars with the German brand expressing no plans to re-enter the Australian market after leaving in 2015.

BMW i Vision Circular

While BMW’s concept car, the I Vision Circular, won’t be hitting the roads anytime soon, it did present a glimpse into BMW’s future vehicles and the future of motoring in general. Featuring purple lounge seats made using recycled plastic, an exterior of recycled mono materials and a 3D printed dashboard, it seems BMW is joining a greener future for motoring.

Volkswagen ID. LIFE

In accelerating towards electric mobility, Volkswagen revealed its electric small concept car at this year’s Munich Motor Show. Called the ID. LIFE, the small vehicle has a removable roof composed of recycled bottles and features paint made with wood chips in the bodywork. Inside, the ID. LIFE can be converted into a cinema or gaming lounge thanks to a projector and extending projection screen.

The ID. LIFE gives an impression of what VW’s ID. family model will look like, which is set to hit the market by 2025.

Porsche Mission R

Powered by an 80kWh battery and two electric motors, the Mission R concept offers an exciting preview into the future of customer motorsport. Made with natural fibre materials and featuring an OLED race display, Porsche’s Mission R draws visual parallels to the 550 Spyder while incorporating a highly futuristic interior.

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