Hardy Brothers' latest collection features stunning baroque pearls | Source: Hardy Brothers Facebook

Natural Lustre: The New Pearl Collection by Hardy Brothers

Founded by John Hardy in 1853, Hardy Brothers has been crafting fine jewellery for close to 170 years now. Defined by the craftsmanship and superior attention to detail, Australia’s oldest continually operating fine jeweller is no stranger to rare gems, including pearls.

Embracing bold links, geometric shapes and coloured gemstones, each piece in Hardy Brothers’ latest pearl collection showcases the natural lustre and unique forms of each baroque pearl.

The new collection is aptly named after the stars of the show: Australian South Sea Pearls. Ethically sourced from the pristine waters of the Kimberley region, each baroque pearl is plucked from the Pinctada Maximus oyster for its rarity, unique shapes and stunning nacre.

While pearls will always be timeless, the Australian South Sea Pearls collection combines the timelessness of these rare gems with shapes and silhouettes that are very of the moment. Think paperclip style chains, bold bevelled gems and both gold and silver hardware.

Along with sophisticated pearl jewellery, Hardy Brothers also crafts Swiss timepieces and rare objets d’art. Hardy Brothers has a number of stores across Australia, including a new flagship set to open mid-January next year.

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