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New Mercedes eBikes Bring Formula-E to the City Streets

One of the most successful luxury car manufacturers in the world has released a range of electric bicycles that do away with industry standards and expectations to deliver a characteristically audacious product.

Mercedes has completely ignored design cues from competitors and launched four advanced eBikes with minimalist designs that eschew the current trend of having a visible battery.

Mercedes e bike
Championship Edition eBike, A$8,590 | Source: n+

Developed in collaboration with the Mercedes Formula-E racing team and eBike manufacturer n+, the fastest model, the Championship Edition, can reach speeds of up to 45km/h and has a range of 120kms. It comes in black and blue and is powered by 750 watt dual motors, the usual clunky chain has been replaced by a Gates CDX Carbon Belt Drive that lasts 30,000 kms. A suspension-supported front wheel is required for such high speeds and the Semi-slick Maxxis Hookworm tyres are perfect for speedy city riding.

But this model is also the priciest, costing A$8,590. The other three models are more reasonably priced and the Formula E Team eBike comes in at A$5,100.

Formula E Team eBike, A$5,100 | Source: n+

Designed for those who don’t want to leave a large carbon footprint but still want to experience the luxury and craftsmanship of a Mercedes, the Formula E Team eBike has a top speed of 25km/h but weighs just 18 kilograms, compared to the Championship Edition’s 25 kilograms. It produces an impressive 250 watts from a single motor and can charge to 100 per cent battery in 3.5 hours.

The other two models are named Silver Arrows eBike and Silver Arrows Sport eBike and are aimed at the mid-range market, priced at A$6,660 and A$7,330 respectively. Both feature puncture-proof tyres and weigh in at a reasonable 20 kilograms. The Sport version produces 500 watts, twice as much power as the standard Silver Arrows version. These two models also have a range of 120 kilometres, more than enough for a daily commute.

Mercedes e bike
Silver Arrows Sport eBike, A$7,330 | Source: n+

What makes these rides so desirable is their boldly minimalist styling. Where other eBike manufacturers are wasting time trying to make their creations look faster, Mercedes has quite rightly concentrated on making the eBike riding experience as comfortable and informative as possible, while delivering a piece of engineering that doesn’t look out of place in an urban environment.

The two Silver Arrows eBikes are, as the name suggests, silver in colour and you would have to look very hard to work out that they are in fact electric bikes. The battery is encased within the slightly thickener frame, meaning the bike is not ostentatious in design or too showy, it retains Mercedes signature character of understated quality and elegant minimalism.

A sleek cockpit design features a light up display that shows speed and remaining battery. This LED digital dashboard is seamlessly integrated into the cockpit and includes a security feature that means you can park it on a busy street and run into a café for a quick espresso.

Source: n+

Gear shifting is smooth and exact, the grip shifted internally geared hub seamlessly changes gears without the need for a messy derailleur and pedal assist technology increases the ease at which you can speed up and slow down when pedalling.

Presenting a safer alternative to riding public transport in light of the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s little surprise that e-bike and e-scooter sector has seen massive growth recently. The e bike industry is set to reach a valuation of A$170 billion by 2030 and it seems this offering from Mercedes may be a sign of things to come.

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