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Non-alcoholic Champagne Alternatives to Try this Dry July

Ever since Australia’s first alcohol-free bar opened in Melbourne last year, we have seen a rise in this market and a growing awareness around sobriety. While some people are choosing to take a short break from drinking, others are more interested in moderating their drinking habits, while some choose to give alcohol a miss altogether.

Usually brought out to celebrate a special occasion, champagne and sparkling wine is considered to be one of the most festive alcoholic drinks. So whether you’re challenging yourself to Dry July or taking longer break from alcohol, with these non-alcoholic champagnes and sparkling wines, you have no reason not to pop the cork and join in the fun.

Richard Juhlin Blanc de Blancs Sparkling White

The world had high expectations when renowned champagne critic, Richard Juhlin announced that he would be collaborating with Swedish non-alcoholic winemaker, Odd Bird. But expectations were quickly met with this delicious alcohol-free sparkling wine. Matured for up to 12 months, the non-alcoholic champagne is a dry, crisp white with notes of citrus and green apples.

Chateau De Fleur Sparkling Wine

Made by Weibel Vineyards, this Californian wine is bound to impress any fellow non-drinking friends. Bursting with bubbles, the clean and crisp wine contains notes of fresh grapes and pear with a notably sweet finish. With its light, yellow straw colour, this bottle of non-alcoholic champagne will guarantee you fly under the radar at any alcohol focused social gathering.

Lindeman’s Chardonnay Pinot Noir Muscat

Based in the Hunter Valley wine region, Lindemans is one of Australia’s favourite wine producers. While they may be famed for their alcoholic wines, their non-alcoholic beverages are just as good. This non-alcoholic champagne retains the much-loved sharp and tart taste of a classic Chardonnay, providing non-drinkers with a deliciously dry white option.

St Regis Secco

Made by European non-alcoholic wine producers, St Regis, this non-alcoholic prosecco is a well balanced and structured beverage with notes of fruit, nutmeg and white flowers. With it’s bubbly finesse and luxuriously pale gold colour, St Regis Secco is ideal for pairing with savoury appetisers and sweet desserts.

Pierre Zéro Sparkling White

Pierre Zéro’s sparkling white is based on a blend of French wines originating in the South of France. With grape harvesting undertaken at night to ensure optimal temperatures, the vinification and the production process are based on traditional methods from the region. After de-alcoholisation and bubble production, the resulting alcohol-free champagne offers a delicate aroma of tropical fruits, peaches, lychee and flowers.

La Gioiosa Sparkling White Wine

The Italian brand, La Gioiosa has perfected alcohol-free champagne with this bottle of sparkling white wine. With a delicious blend of Glera grapes and the subtle notes of apple, peach and elderflower, the wine is the perfect accompaniment to a light summers meal. Not to mention, this bottle only has a tiny 28 calories per 100ml, making it the perfect guilt-free drink.

If you liked reading about the best non-alcoholic champagnes then you might like to read about the best alcoholic ones too. Check out why Dom Perignon is still one of the best Champagnes that you can buy and discover some of our other favourite bottles while you’re here.

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