Released to make the 125th anniversary of the OMEGA name, this exquisite “half hunter” pocket watch has an 18K Canopus gold case with red enamel pattern along the side, and two watch covers in 18K Sedna gold, both opened by a twist of the same ingenious crown | Source: Omega

Legendary Movement: Omega Celebrates 125 Years of the Pocket Watch

Celebrating 125 years of the movement that changed watchmaking history is the Omega calibre. Originally Louis Brandt & Frère, prior to 1894, the Swiss watch manufacture inherited its Omega name from the emblematic movement it created – a 19-ligne hand-wound calibre, the Omega.

To commemorate the 125th anniversary of its famous calibre, in 2019 Omega developed a limited edition Omega 125th Anniversary Pocket Watch of only 19 pieces. Now, Omega has introduced a superb half-hunter version of the pocket watch powered by a reconstructed 19-ligne movement using many original parts.

Several game-changing characteristics made the company one of the most sought after ever. The Omega calibre was the first Swiss watch movements designed to be made on a modern production line with completely interchangeable components. This meant repairs and servicing of any Omega 19‴ calibre was quick and easy,  although the movements were constructed for great durability and accuracy.

While not the first ‘original calibre reconstruction’ project by Omega, the watchmakers of the Omega Atelier Tourbillon have made the half-hunter a masterpiece. The 60mm half-hunter pocket watch is a stunning sight to behold fashioned in 18k white and rose gold. The case body is in the brand’s patented Canopus gold and its patented Sedna gold for the crown and covers. The beautifully decorated design features Omega’s signature red enamel colour.

The front displays a viewing window for fast time telling. Open the cover and you’ll find a watch face in off-white enamel with 24-hour Roman numerals, 13-24 hour bezel markings and Omega’s Sedna gold polished hands. Turn the Omega watch over and you have a clear view of the famous Omega calibre protected by a domed sapphire glass. The rear exterior features the God Chronos medallion and a 125th-anniversary logo in red enamel on the inside.

Inside, the iconic movement meets modern technology. The original parts, some sourced from decades in storage, include the plate, the bridges, the bi-metallic balance spring and the escapement. Modern technical upgrades include the barrel, mainspring, screws, chatons or jewels and the modern keyless mechanism is a first for the 19-ligne calibre.

The stunning Omega 125th Anniversary Half Hunter Pocket Watch comes in a beautiful wooden box that perfectly celebrates the bridge between past and present. Combining century-old craftsmanship with modern technology, the price of this beautiful pocket watch is just over A$332,000 and is limited to only 19 pieces.

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