Omega x Swatch MoonSwatch

The Omega x Swatch MoonSwatch release generated unbelievable hype around the world | Source: Hodinkee

Omega x Swatch: Modern Hype Creates MoonSwatch Madness

One of the most culturally iconic timepieces ever, the Omega Speedmaster, known for going to the moon, recently entered a new world. The realm of the modern, hype-savvy consumer.

In collaboration with Swatch, a range of Omega Speedmaster-inspired chronographs hit the market on March 26, and sold out all over the world the same day.

Known as the MoonSwatch, it’s arguably the hottest watch release so far this year with queues forming outside Swatch retailers all over the world including London, Singapore, and New York City.

moonswatch line
Line at Swatch store in New York | Source: Hodinkee

In Melbourne, the watches reportedly sold out in under 10 minutes. In Toronto, more than a thousand eager buyers braved the cold and rain to get their hands on one.

All this hype for a timepiece that costs just A$380. And now it’s selling for up to four times that price on resale sites. Plus, it’s neither limited nor short of supply.

According to leading watch site Hodinkee, Swatch stores will receive new shipments in the near future. Swatch itself even stated the collection will sell online in a few weeks.

Whether you see this watch as a budget Speedmaster or a luxury Swatch, it’s one of the first timepieces to utilise the hype-marketing strategy normally reserved for the sneaker and fashion sectors.

This was a massive watch release that in many ways taps into the same currents and the same release tactics as traditional streetwear and sneakers… With the Omega Swatch it’s rare that you see a watch release so thoroughly penetrate the discourse.

Jesse Einhorn, economist at online trading platform StockX

The collection features 11 variations in 11 different colourways, each corresponding to a specific planetary body in our solar system. Instead of the original Omega Speedmaster’s stainless-steel case, the MoonSwatch is made from Swatch’s eco-friendly BioCeramic.

MoonSwatch colourways
Source: Italian Watch Spotter

Traditionalists might see it as the defaming of an icon. Others may view it as a mainstream crossover for watch collecting.

What is clear is it has got people talking. The MoonSwatch has effectively become an introduction to the Omega brand for a younger, broader customer base; a smart marketing move.

The MoonSwatch could prove to become a gateway timepiece for a new hype-driven audience, opening up accessibility to the famed Speedmaster, and priming first-time consumers for a higher-end Omega purchase in the future.

Currently, to enter the Moonwatch family in Australia you’re looking at around A$10,000 for the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional.

Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch
Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional | Source: Omega

While there are many similarities, the MoonSwatch doesn’t house the iconic Omega’s automatic movement; instead, it features a quartz movement powered by a battery as with regular Swatches. 

The dials do reference the MoonSwatch’s high-end sibling, however, sporting the famous Speedmaster logo alongside the new MoonSwatch moniker.

The cases are also crafted in the asymmetrical Speedmaster-shape that sits on a Velcro strap, nodding to the fact the crew of Apollo 11 all wore Omegas on Velcro straps.

Neptune MoonSwatch
Neptune MoonSwatch
Earth MoonSwatch
Earth MoonSwatch | Source: Hodinkee

Omega Speedmaster fans will also notice other familiarities between the two – the “dot over 90” detail on the tachymeter-scaled bezel (a reference to the first-ever Speedmasters), the 42mm case diameter, and the recessed subdials.

Plus all hour, minute, and chronograph second hands and hour markers are coated with Super-LumiNova making them glow in the dark.

Pluto MoonSwatch
Pluto MoonSwatch

While waiting lists are nothing new among sought-after timepieces, lines outside brick and mortar watch stores are unprecedented. So, does the hype behind a A$380 MoonSwatch represent a turning point in the horology industry? Only time will tell.

If you’re interested in reading more about the latest happenings of the watch world, see how the secondhand luxury watch market is thriving right now.

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