One Brokerage Explains the Benefits of Yacht Shares and Why There’s a Demand

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In order to truly experience the joy of owning your very own multi-million dollar superyacht, the buying process must be as stress-free as possible. Ideally, it should be a positive experience for all involved; a time of anticipation of enjoying the investment with those closest and most dear to the owner.

Choosing the right brokerage is essential and key to a smooth deal but there is more than one way to buy a boat, according to One Brokerage. Offering equity arrangements for multiple owners to purchase a share of their yachts, One Brokerage allows owners to buy a slice of heaven, a more cost-effective option for some.

One Brokerage SIBS 2022
One Brokerage Yacht at Sydney International Boat Show 2022 | Source: One Brokerage

One Brokerage has offices in Perth and Sydney and offers clients the opportunity to sell or purchase yachts in shares, under its Boat Equity syndication system.

Showcasing at the Sydney International Boat Show, Nikki Walton, Executive Assistant and Broker spoke to Iolande Skinner From The Deck. Nikki described some of the features customers are demanding from their yachts, which include larger beach clubs with tender and water toy garages to allow guests and owners to access the water more easily.

For the larger superyachts, a lot of people are looking for beach club access. Its one of the ongoing designs that is being implemented more and more. People just want that experience, to be closer to the water, have more access to the water. You’re up and down, high/low hydraulic platforms, areas to lay out and just be more connected to the water aspect.

Nikki Walton, Executive Assistant & Broker, One Brokerage

She iterated the importance of checking the service history of the vessel and using a reputable pre-purchase inspection of a yacht, suggesting that there will always be ongoing maintenance costs associated with ownership. By conducting thorough checks before purchase, you will know what you are in for.

SIBS One Brokerage
Sydney International Boat Show attendees explore One Brokerage’s boats on show | Source: One Brokerage

Engaging the services of a professional, trusted broker is essential. Nikki also emphasised that it’s crucial to think long and hard about what you personally want from your yacht and your level of yachting experience.

Walton described the ever-increasing demand for larger superyachts and lamented the lack of appropriate berthing facilities in Australia for larger vessels. She highlighted the benefits of new marina projects around Australia working to rectify this.

One Brokerage
The One Brokerage team at the Sydney International Boat Show | Source: One Brokerage

Nikki mentioned that Australians are growing into larger and larger boats and the new crop of boat owners entering the market will have a knock-on effect. She sees an increase in sales of yachts across the board in the immediate future and is of the view that superyachts over 30 metres in length will become more and more popular.

You’re still getting the repeat customers that are progressing and moving up levels of boats. With the influence of Covid, we’re seeing an influx of new people entering the boating market and a new growth of wealth who want to explore life on the water, so, definitely a lot of new clientele, that’s for sure.

Nikki Walton, Executive Assistant & Broker, One Brokerage

The Sydney International Boat Show 2022 returned after a two-year hiatus. A massive turnout of more than 44,000 boating enthusiasts packed the walkways and jetties of Darling Harbour to enjoy the marine wares of some 240 exhibitors and step aboard the 900 boats on display.



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