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Oribe Shampoo: The New Miracle Hair Product

Haircare has never been more important. The pandemic has taught us not to rely on having access to hairdressers and has found more of us are reaching for better haircare products to keep on top of our locks. One of the most talked about premium haircare products is Oribe shampoo and conditioner.

Until Oribe, only hair salons had access to luxury haircare products and the rest of us were forced to use whatever was stocked on the supermarket shelf. Oribe saw a gap that needed to be filled and soon became the first haircare brand to bring luxury haircare products to the market. To do so, the founders worked to create a line of innovative and luxurious custom haircare formulas that unrivalled anything that was already on the market.

With a line of luxurious custom formulas created for everything from colour and shine to volume, moisture and restoration, you will find an Oribe shampoo and conditioner set, along with serums, oils and creams, for just about any of your hair care needs.

The brand has achieved a unique balance of luxury and accessibility, that sees it used by everyone from Victoria Beckham and Sarah Jessica Parker, and the rest of us ordinary people after better haircare. If you’re wondering whether you can afford to use the same hair products as Victoria Beckham then you may be surprised that you probably can. While some luxury Oribe products can cost up to A$250, a bottle of Oribe shampoo or conditioner usually costs around A$65.

So, is swapping to an Oribe shampoo worth the money? Let’s take you through why we think it is.

The Oribe fragrance

One of the things that sets the premier haircare brand apart from other luxury hair products is Oribe’s perfume like fragrance. Contained in bottles that were actually inspired by a traditional perfume bottle, the formulas are infused with the brand’s signature blend of Calabrian bergamot, white peach, and cedarwood. This seductive scent was created with the help of 19th-century perfume house to elevate the products above the overused vanilla and fruity flavours found in most haircare products.

The Oribe signature complex

All of Oribe’s shampoo and conditioner products contain a truly innovative formula. Blending watermelon, lychee and edelweiss flower, the signature complex effectively defends the hair from oxidative stress, photoaging and the deterioration of natural keratin. This ensures that your hair is protected from drying, damaging and color-depleting effects of the elements.

If the signature complex is something that your hair needs then we recommend trying out the Oribe Signature shampoo and conditioner set, with a Oribe signature masque for some extra pampering.

Gold Lust Repair and Restore

Undoubtedly Oribe’s most beloved line, Gold Lust Repair and Restore is the epitome of luxury haircare and our favourite Oribe product. The formula is created with ancient oils and extracts, such as cypress, argan and maracuja. Blended with the brand’s revolutionary bio-restorative complex, which contains plant collagen, caffeine, biotin, and niacinamide, the formula not only cleanses and strengthens the hair, but protects the hair from further damage by restoring moisture to the strands and the scalp.

Ideal for anyone with damaged, overprocessed, or compromised hair, the Gold Lust Repair and Restore is guaranteed to revive and rejuvenate tired hair. If the Oribe shampoo and conditioner isn’t enough then you can also treat yourself to a transformative Gold Lust Repair and Restore mask and hair oil

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