Panorama Room New York

Panorama Room New York | Source: Vogue

Inside the Newest Rooftop Bar Boasting 360-Degree Views of New York

Aptly named the Panorama Room, the first-ever rooftop bar on Roosevelt Island offers breathtaking views of New York’s five boroughs. Sitting 200 feet above street level, the lounge’s wrap-around balcony is one of the best places in the city to absorb the sweeping skyline with a cocktail in hand.

Living on the 18th floor of the Graduate Hotel, the floor-to-ceiling windows of the Panorama Room display New York’s boroughs, immense Queensboro Bridge and the East River in full high definition. The hotel building is an architectural spectacle in itself designed by Scandinavian architects Snøhetta and New York’s Stonehill Taylor. Standing among the low-rise buildings of the new Cornell Tech campus, the sleek white building immediately demands attention.

Head up to the top floor and a glance around Panorama Room’s interior, designed by ‘James Beard Award’ winning design firm Parts and Labor Design, shows off a futuristic vibe with retro-elements and a regal aesthetic.

The elegant, jewel-box restaurant and lounge is expressively dramatic with vintage-inspired velvet tubular sofas, chrome and marble touches, mosaic tile columns and large chandeliers that seem to float above the room-stretching red bars. All the furniture and lighting are custom-made by Parts and Labor Design to bring a sense of past nostalgia to the modern futuristic design.

The space is complemented by artworks from a range of artists including; Julia Chiang, Chris Martin, and Brian Belott. Botanical studio, Wife NYC, features its custom arrangements and sculptural artwork in the lounge and there’s also a custom-designed DJ booth made in Normandy by Daft Punk’s creative director, Cédric Hervet.

Inside Panorama Room
Source: Steve Freihon for Panorama Room
Outside Panorama Room
Source: Steve Freihon for Panorama Room

Of cours, the views are only half the story – the menu alone is a reason to visit the Panorama Room, New York. It comes from Marc Rose and Med Abrous’ hospitality group Call Mom and is run by Executive Chef Megan Brown. It’s described as an ‘elevated ode to the sea,’ and pairs with the finest cocktail program thanks to beverage director Estelle Bossy.

The brilliant updates to martini classics, such as lychee martini, apple martini and a draft espresso martini are backed by an extensive list of sparkling wines and fortified wines.

Panorama Room New York Oysters
Panorama Room New York Oysters | Source: Noah Fecks

The newest rooftop bar on the block, Panorama Room is perhaps the best modern high-rise lounge to experience the unparalleled views of New York.

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