Parisian Delight: the Best Five-Star Hotels Near the Eiffel Tower

“Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury.”

— Coco Chanel 

Paris is not just the city of lights: it’s the city of elegance, history, culture, and coffee. It’s the city of fashion, style, and beauty. It’s home to the Gothic Notre Dame cathedral, the sombre Trocadéro, the proud Arc de Triomphe, and, of course, the Eiffel Tower. 

And it offers world-class luxury accommodation to experience all this and more. Here are the best five-star hotels on offer for your next journey to the romantic city. 

Shangri-La Hotel

The Shangri-La hotel was originally built to serve as French imperial Prince Roland Bonaparte’s home, meaning the hotel’s blood is rich with Parisian history and preserved French style. 

Malaysian tycoon Robert Kuok joined forces with a team of French architects and interior designers to open the palace’s doors to the public in late 2010, and the result is a stunning blend of historical elegance and modern comfort. 

The Eiffel Tower casts its shadow on the private balconies of almost half the rooms in the hotel as the Seine river flows underneath. 

The standard unit is large enough to house separate living rooms and bedrooms, and the 24-hour room service means you don’t have to lift a finger when you decide to take a break from the spas, gyms, bars, and restaurants on offer. 

Speaking of restaurants, the hotel has four on offer: The Shang Palace, L’Abeille, La Bauhinia, and Le Bar Botaniste. These give guests their pick of world-class French and Asian cuisine. 

And if the views, culture, history, and taste of the hotel aren’t enough for you, you can even bring your pet along for the luxury stay. 

Le Royal Monceau — Raffles Paris

Le Royal Monceau first opened its doors in the roaring 20s but has since been reimagined as the brain-child of famous French designer Philippe Starck.

In its early days, the hotel’s sumptuous design quickly established it as a hub for the artistic, the intelligent, and the prestigious. With its reputation paving the way for its quality of guests, over the years Le Royal Monceau has housed the likes of Winston Churchill, King Farouk of Egypt, Walt Disney, and Pablo Picasso.

When Philippe Starck took on the role of reimagining the hotel for a modern audience in 2008, he produced a glittering unique entity among the Parisian landscape.

The hotel finely blends classical with contemporary in a mixture of simple white, greys, and pinks to contrast the common patterns and splashes of gold that saturate the French market.

Le Royal Monceau’s 64 suites and 85 rooms are inspired by 40s and 50s fashion but with a playful twist. Firmly establishing its presence as a paradise for lovers of the arts, each room comes with an acoustic guitar and guests are invited to write on the bedside lampshades.

Artwork embellishes the hotel but is often casually leant against walls instead of hung.

World-class chefs offer Peruvian-Japanese and Italian cuisine to be complemented by your pick of French pastries at the hotel’s two restaurants.

With a five-minute walk to the Arc de Triomphe and a 13-minute drive to the Eiffel Tower from Le Royal Monceau’s front door, this luxury establishment is a must-stay for artists and art-lovers alike.

Four Seasons Hotel George V

Four Seasons makes no effort to hide its early 1900s style and the result is a graceful tribute to the splendour of the grand dame era of Paris.

French architects Lefrane and Wybo teamed up with Joel Hillman — an American Architect — to open to George V hotel in 1928.

The building set new precedents for the world of French hospitality by harnessing the spirit of modern luxury and spicing it up with the most innovate technologies of its day. Most notably, each room was fitted with a telephone.

As such, while the hotel might have preserved the spirit and ethos of its early days, it has always been a catalyst for technological advances in hospitality. Today, the hotel boasts the latest technologies like interactive televisions and in-room espresso machines for the coffee connoisseur.

The extravagant rooms and luxury suites are no laughing matter and guests can watch the Eiffel Tower brighten up the city of lights each night.

Yet, the hotel is most well known for its exquisite dining.

Le George, La Galerie, L’Orangerie, and Le Cinq all offer unmatched culinary bliss in your choice of French, Mediterranean, and Flemish flavours.

And if you like to combine your luxury dining with luxury shopping, Four Seasons opens its doors onto the streets that house the headquarters of Christian Dior, Givenchy, Saint Laurent, and other luxury names.

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