Patek Philippe "Singapore Skyline" Dome Clock celebrates Cortina Watch's 50th anniversary | Source: watchesbysjx

Patek Philippe Presents Exclusive Dome Clock For Cortina Watch Celebration

Patek Philippe is known for its rare horological masterpieces commemorating special occasions.

So as Singaporean Patek retailer and historical company friend Cortina Watch celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, Patek Philippe is presenting something special – an exclusive “Singapore Skyline” Dome Clock.

Patek Philippe’s dome clocks are highly coveted works of art showcasing incredible artisanal craftsmanship – its latest is just as exquisite.

Aptly named “Singapore Skyline” the piece pays homage to the island state’s most iconic landmarks such as the Merlion mascot, Gardens by the Bay, the Esplanade and Marina Bay Sands.

Source: First Classe

Following most of Patek’s dome clocks, the unique piece is crafted in decorated enamel, featuring four hand-made panels and one dome.

It’s primarily crafted in cloisonne with 9.2 metres of 24k gold wire for the details, a palette of 50 enamel colours to bring the images to life and gold and silver powder to represent the stars.

Historical Dome Clocks are displayed prominently in the Patek Philippe Museum Source: Patek Philippe

Each enamel panel undergoes a set in 10 to 14 rounds of firings at temperatures ranging from 890 to 910 degrees celsius which are afterwards decorated and sprinkled with the precious metal dust.

The central guilloched hour circle is delicately adorned with floral-inspired dentate edges alongside 12 baguette lapis lazuli markers with a cloisonne enamel dial centre. 

As a finishing touch, the clock is engraved with “Cortina Watch – 50th Anniversary – Since 1972.”

Source: The Peak Magazine

The storied history of the two companies dates back 66 years when Cortina’s founder Anthony Lim first met Patek Philippe’s, Henri Stern.

Afterwards, when Cortina was established in 1972, Patek Philippe was one of the first luxury brands in its portfolio. Today the partnership remains just as strong with Cortina Watch handling multiple Patek Philippe boutiques across Asia.

The friendship between my grandfather, father and Anthony Lim started over 66 years ago and it still stands strong today, much like the relationship between Patek Philippe and Cortina Watch. This is a unique and precious relationship that truly transcends generations.

Thierry Stern, CEO of Patek Philippe

The 50th-anniversary clock is not for sale but instead joins Cortina’s own private collection. To celebrate the treasured partnership, however, the timepiece will travel to Patek Philippe boutiques in the Asian region, exhibited throughout the year in Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Malaysia.

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