The low-impact workout targets the mind and body | Source: Kev's Best

Pilates Equipment You Need to Transform Your Body at Home

If yoga and ballet had a baby, it would be the all-consuming, muscle-strengthening workout of pilates.

The pilates revolution hit mainstream gyms and fitness routines like a truck in the early 2000s, despite its origins reaching back to the 1960s. A once-obscure adaptation of ballet movements, the low-impact exercise has quickly become the go-to fitness routine for many.

And if you practice Pilates on a regular basis, you can expect to see wide-ranging benefits for your whole body.

Core strength

Expect to be able to hold your planks for maximum time. Pilates engages the core and strengthens the stomach muscles. Core strength is not only the basis for rock hard abs, it also translates into improved posture.


Pilates movements are dynamic stretches, meaning they involve lengthening and expanding the muscles. Over time this will result in improved flexibility. While you may not be sitting in the splits straight after your first Pilates workout, you will certainly be well on the way.


Pilates workouts centre around the breath and incorporate breathing techniques into your workout. By focusing solely on your inhaling and exhaling, the routine will relax your body and mind. Not only this, research has confirmed the endorphins released during physical activity like exercise enhance mood and overall well-being. So what’s to lose?

Whether you’re stuck inside because of the pandemic, a rainy day or you simply want to workout from the comfort of your own home, we’ve put together the must-haves for an at-home pilates workout.

The Power Ring Set Bala

These ring sets may look deceptively minimal, but they are actually designed to give you that intense squat, swing or stretch that will leave you breathless.

Made from recycled steel and wrapped in baby-soft silicone, the power ring set is the perfect addition to your HIIT or aerobics workout.

Power Ring Set A$189.00 | Source: Bala

Eco Yogi Set

If you’re without a pilates reformer at this stage, the next best thing you need is a mat set so you can follow along with your pilates routine at home. This eco yogi set from the iconic is the perfect foundation to begin your Pilates journey. It comes with a foam yoga mat, balancing block and foam knee pads.

Eco Yogi Set Bahe A$199.99 | Source: The Iconic

M8 Align Pilates Pro Reformer

Reformers are the crux of any pilates workouts. The bed consists of springs, a sliding carriage, ropes and pulleys and allows your pilates movements to be more challenging.

The M8 Align Reformer is for those seeking comfort and longevity in their pilates routines. It features a rapid-change gear bar system and boasts friction-reduction moulded wheels, so your moves will be as smooth as possible. There is also a 3-position headrest, simultaneous rope adjustment system and silent pulley feature so you needn’t wake the neighbours.

Align-Pilates Studio Pro Reformer A$5,400 | Source: Orbit Fitness

Peak Pilates Fit Reformer

Fitted with all you need for a transformative at-home workout, this reformer features a locking foot bar, a 3 position headrest and adjustable ropes and double loops.

Peak Pilates Fit Reformer A$4,999.00 | Source: Southern X Fitness

Bala Weight Bangles

Designed to elevate your workout, the Bala weight bangles add a 2-pound resistance to your moves. Comfortable and versatile, they can be worn on your wrists or angles and used not only in pilates but in any at-home exercise.

Bala Bangles A$99.00 | Source: Bala

Ribbed Tank Top

Breathe through your pilates workouts in this ribbed tank top by lulu lemon. Featuring a built-in shelf bra, high neck and tight fit this product is custom-built for low-impact workouts.

Ribbed Asymmetrical Yoga Tank Top A$89.00 | Source: lulu lemon

Align High Rise Petal Hem Leggings

Made from weightless material, these high rise leggings are specifically designed to keep you feeling light and nimble. The leggings include hidden waistband pockets and a feature hem in the shape of a rose petal.

lululemon Align™ High-Rise Petal Hem Crop 21″ A$119 | Source: lulu lemon

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