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Posters With Profit: Vintage Ads Worth Collecting

Vintage posters are valuable cultural artefacts, offering a glimpse into a time period that no longer exists. While reprints of classic posters can be found in tourist shops and kitschy gift stores around the world, getting your hands on the real thing is a more challenging task. Originals of the most sought-after and beloved posters are rare and highly valuable items. If you do manage to purchase one, you can be assured that their value will only rise over time.

These are some of the most valuable vintage posters worth investing in today.

Jules Cheret

Working in the late 1800s, French artist Jules Cheret is known as the father of the modern lithographic poster. Creating more than 1,000 posters during his 30 year career, Cheret created advertisements for Parisian venues, music groups, perfumes and a variety of products. His posters became popular for their depictions of free-spirited women, which was deeply liberating for the women of Paris. An original Jules Cheret poster is valued anywhere from A$500 to A$8,000 depending on its condition.

Leonetto Cappiello

Italian artist Leonetto Cappiello revolutionised advertising design for the 20th century. Known for his work with liquor brands, Cappiello created alluring and colourful designs. One of his most sought-after posters is the Champagne De Rochegre, a stone lithograph from the turn of the century. His other works, including Bitter Campari and Cognac Monnet, are considered valuable collector’s items. An original Cappiello poster can be valued at up to A$20,000.

Vintage Travel

Vintage travel posters are one of the largest collecting fields. Originally used to advertise an exotic destination to potential tourists, vintage travel posters are still appreciated for their nostalgic depiction of locations around the world.

While you will find vintage travel posters for almost every destination in the world, the most valuable posters depict prestigious resorts in France and Switzerland. These resorts often collaborated with renowned artists of the time, accounting for the high value of the pieces. One 1934 poster advertising Gstaad sold for a remarkable £62,000 (around A$112,944) Christie’s South Kensington in 2016. Similar posters are known to have been sold for around A$50,000.

War Posters

During World War One, posters were an integral communication and information source. Used to boost morale, enlist recruits and sway opinions, these posters are now an important historical research source for understanding the cultural and political issues during the conflict. An original wartime poster in good condition can be valued between A$2,000 and A$8,000.

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