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Pristine Pink Waters and Stunning Shorelines: The Great Lakes of Australia

Think pristine pink water, stunning sandy shorelines and beautiful embankments to inspire your next natural escape. With the pink Lake Hillier in Western Australia leading the list, here are some of Australia’s most luxurious lakes.

Lake Hillier

Location: Western Australia

The unique 600m pink Lake Hillier in Western Australia was discovered in 1802. Since then, people from all over the world have come to see its pristine pink waters. Sitting beside the Pacific Ocean, the delightful contrast between the delicate pink of Lake Hillier and the beautiful blue of the ocean is stunning. While travellers cannot visit the island itself, the pink Lake Hillier is better viewed from the sky anyway. Embark on a two-hour scenic flight from Esperance and experience Lake Hillier in all its glory.

Lake McKenzie

Location: Queensland

Located off the Queensland coast on Fraser Island, this perfect lake is part of the Great Sandy National Park. It’s approximately 150 hectares of completely transparent rainwater with no natural flow. A deep cobalt colour creates a striking contrast against the white shoreline. The pure, calm water is perfect for swimming and the soft sand shores provide a great spot for basic camping.

Lake MacDonnell

Location: South Australia

Have you ever seen a pink & blue lake hybrid? Australia has its fair share of salt lakes but Lake MacDonnell on the Eyre Peninsula takes the cake. Compared to the Pink Lake Hillier, Lake MacDonnell features the same stunning pink complexion but with an added side of teal coloured water. Split down the middle by a road, the seriously intense colours are the result of the super-high salt concentration. Lake MacDonnell is a 45-minute drive from Adelaide or stay nearby at the hotel or caravan park at Penong.

Lake Eildon

Location: Victoria

It would be hard to find a better location for water sports and camping with a wonderful backdrop. The massive lake, six times the size of Sydney Harbour, provides picturesque surroundings, teaming with wildlife. Take a day trip from Melbourne or stay amongst the beauty of Mother Nature, Lake Eildon is the spot to enjoy wakeboarding, water skiing, boating, kayaking and swimming. Tours of the area are available including; bushwalking, four-wheel driving, horse riding, kayaking, rock climbing and mountain biking. 

Dove Lake

Location: Tasmania

Dove Lake is lovingly surrounded by Tasmania’s famous Cradle Mountain, which majestically creates the lakes scenic backdrop. The 6km walking path that encircles the lake provides some of mother natures the most magical scenery. Explore the lush rainforest vegetation, wonderful wildlife and mesmerising views on foot or enjoy the peaceful waters of the lake itself. One of the most exquisite inland lakes in Australia, this is a must-visit if you’re travelling to the island of Tasmania.

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