Protect Your Family from Sickness With Zoono

“Prevention is better than cure.”

Desiderius Erasmus

Nursing your family back to health is exhausting. Sleep schedules become a distant dream, days off school are riddled with worry, and you can feel helpless and heartbroken as you wait for fevers to break and crying to cease.

This is why it is such a priority to do everything we can to prevent illness in the first place. While we’ll never be able to fully eliminate the risk of us or our families getting sick, we can certainly do our part to make it far less likely.

Zoono’s antibacterial technology is the first line of defence.

Why Zoono?

Based in New Zealand, Zoono has developed a nanotechnology solution for killing harmful bacteria. But don’t worry, it’s less sci-fi than it sounds.

Essentially, Zoono’s tech bonds with any surface on which it is applied and attracts and then destroys bacteria and pathogens.

Now, while the science behind it is fascinating, learning the ins and outs of microbio tech is not the sort of thing most of us can do on a night off. So, all you need to know is this:

Zoono’s products are colourless and odourless; they last longer than chemical products, are made from organic compounds (so they’re environmentally friendly) and are safe for humans and animals alike; and, importantly, Zoono does not kill bacteria by any form of poisoning.

Sourced from Zoono

This means bacteria can’t build up an immunity to Zoono’s products. Other chemical-based antibacterials poison the bacteria to death which means over time the bacteria learn to fight the poison. The result is what is known as a “superbug”.

For Zoono, however, there is nothing for the bacteria to build up an immunity to. The non-toxic killer leaves the bacteria dead for good. The products come as creams, sprays, and even sanitary surface wipes.

Little ones

Zoono’s products include a selection designed specifically for those with extra-sensitive skin. The little humans in your life can rest easy with Zoono’s baby hand sanitiser spray. The compact bottle is perfect for easy transport so you can throw it in cars and nappy bags and bust them out whenever necessary.

Sourced from Zoono

For little faces, feet, and bottoms, Zoono has also designed baby wipes for gentle protection from a range of nasties.

For the gentlest of sanitisers, however, look no further than Zoono’s hand sanitiser pens. The pens protect from bacteria for 24 hours, meaning you can apply them as part of your morning routine and go about your day with confident peace of mind.

Perfect for inquisitive hands and minds, Zoono’s hand sanitiser will not wash off throughout the day and stay vigilant in its pursuit against bacteria no matter what antics your little one gets up to.


Of course, you can’t care for others if you don’t care for yourself first. But even if you don’t have someone else to look after right now, nobody likes getting sick.

For personal use, Zoono offers a range of antibacterial bundles offering sprays, creams, and wipes for your own protection. Like all Zoono products, the sanitisers are completely alcohol-free. One daily dose is all you need to protect your own skin from bacteria and subsequent sickness.

Sourced from Zoono

Healthy places

Protect your whole home with Zoono’s surface sanitisers and wipes. Using the same micro-tech, the Microbe Shield range is designed to keep bacteria away from those frequently-touched areas of your home.

Door handles, light switches, handbags, and tabletops are often playgrounds for germs eager to make their way into your body. With Zoono’s Microbe Shield, key touch-points around your home are kept sanitised for up to a whole week before re-application is necessary.

Sourced from Zoono

Classrooms are also hubs for bacteria transfer, which is why Zoono has designed a complete classroom protection bundle.

This assortment of antibacterial products means fewer colds and viruses, less time spent catching children up on missed lessons, and fewer risks of an outbreak of a bug in your class.

And, of course, this means teachers are less likely to catch an illness from the children they teach, so they have more time to love on those they nurture and less time for organising relief teachers.

Healthy playthings

Zoono’s surface sanitiser is made for toys as well — both grown up and little.

Apply it to hard toys, mobile phones, TV remotes, video game controllers, and any other device that might be shared around and have fun with the knowledge the risk of infection is minimised.

Limitless potential

From footguards, to wound cleaners, to laundry protection, to mould, if you think it could spread bacteria, Zoono has developed a product to stop just that. The nature of Zoono’s tech-driven bacteria destroyer means these products have the potential to protect every facet of your day-to-day. With Zoono, you can take the fight to the germs before they have a chance to bring you down.

Sourced from Zoono

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