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Putting a Ring On It: The Best Luxury Engagement Rings

There’s a lot that rests on a proposal. Timing, place, what to say, what to wear.

But the engagement ring is, quite literally, the crown jewel of the moment.

Choosing an engagement ring can often be an overwhelming decision. Finding a ring that reflects personality and still delivers elegance and opulence is no small feat. And considering you also need to take into account venues and dresses, the ring is just one piece of the puzzle.

Custom rings are just one way many have opted to put a ring on it. Israeli-American actress, Natalie Portman’s dazzling engagement ring was custom designed by her husband Bejamin Millepied and jeweller Jamie Wolf.

Natalie Portman’s Diamond Halo Engagement Ring | Source: Serendipity Diamonds

Finding a symbol for you and your partner’s everlasting love may sound daunting, but below we’ve put together ten luxury jewellery designers to buy your dream engagement ring from.


Award-winning designer Danhov brings timeless beauty to their engagement ring collection. Located in Los Angeles, California, the brand is long-established in the luxury jewellery game.

Designer Jack Hovsepian founded the brand in 1984 after years of shadowing his father, an established fashion designer. Each ring is unique, elegant and handmade by some of the most highly sought-after jewellers in Los Angeles. Danhov also boasts eco-friendly production, minimising its use of chemicals and machinery.


Tacori is a brand for those who value classic rings reflected in intricate detailing. With a history reaching back to 1969, Tacori has a legacy for its passionate designs and heirlooms. Ranging from 3-stone oval blooms to emerald encrusted rings, Tacori has a vast range of luxury jewellery to don.

Jeff Cooper Designs

For over 40 years, Jeff Cooper has released opulent engagement rings that will be a striking addition to the ring finger. Promising to inspect each ring before it leaves the shop, Jeff Cooper designs prides itself on the fact that each ring will reflect the personality and looks of its owner.


From the Debeers Group, Forevermark is a pursuit of timeless beauty and elegance. Responsibly sourced, each Forevermark diamond is part of a meticulous process of selection. Because of this, only one per cent of all diamonds in the world are ever chosen by the luxury label. Choose from two tone gold rings, white gold princess and 18-carat rose-gold cuts.

Tiffany & Co.

It was 1886 when Tiffany first introduced the engagement ring, which has since seen waves of development to become the elegant and classic piece it is today. Tiffany & Co. is a household name in luxury and for good reason too. The brand’s innovation, sustainability and creativity have translated across to their line of engagement rings.

Choose an emerald cut diamond on a rose gold band, or customise from a range of options to find the perfect ring that fits your style.


London-based brand Graff was founded in 1960 by English jeweller and businessman Laurence Graff. Since then, the brand has exploded across the luxury jewellery scene, establishing itself as a high-end label.

Home to a wide range of notable diamonds, Graff has acquired some of the highest-ranking jewels in the world. The Windsor Yellows were obtained by the label in 1987 in Geneva during an auction selling the jewels of the Duchess of Windsor.

Of course they needed re-cutting to bring them to their full potential, I bought all four, repolished them, and eventually made the Windsor earrings.

Laurence Graff on the Windsor Yellows

James Allen

Promising to deliver a personal touch and delicate designs, James Allen is for those seeking charm and sophistication in a ring. The James Allen website boasts a collection of more than 200,000 loose diamonds with a 360 degree HD tour to sit back and ponder the perfect ring.


Chopard is all about the heart; a theme you will see incorporated into their engagement ring collections. The core values of the luxury brand are generosity and care which find themselves in the lovingly crafted collections of engagement rings.

For those seeking something a little untraditional, yet still a perfect combination of elegance and opulence, Chopard is the brand for you. What’s more, this label lets you create your own engagement ring with personalisation services at Chopard’s boutiques.

Van Cleef

This luxury jewellery brand is based on its signature style, pulled together by a range of influences and cultures throughout the years. Van Cleef is shaped by high couture, ballet, fantasy and a rich history culminating in diverse and sublime gemstones.

Their affluent clientele has seen the likes of royal families from Egypt and Iran, Princess Grace of Monaco and the fashion icon Daisy Fellowes.

Harry Winston

With magnificent diamonds and rare gemstones on offer, Harry Winston is the perfect label to incorporate into your wedding. The luxury jewellery house presents engagement rings with encrusted rings to 3.0-carat diamonds sitting on platinum bands. Harry Winston will deliver maximum brilliance in the shape of cushion-cut, emerald-cult or pear-shape rings, each unique and distinctive in its own right.

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